Celebrating 40 years of service—and many more to come (part 10)

How it all began

By Craig J. Brown II, President & CEO

*Editor’s note: This information was published in the October 2021 issue of Heartfelt Magazine, CHM’s monthly magazine that provides CHM membership-related tips and tricks, medical advice from doctors, testimonies from CHM members, and more. Please refer to the CHM Guidelines and applicable web pages for the most up-to-date information regarding CHM membership, sharing eligibility, and ministry news.*

It was a bright October morning in 1981, when a small-town minister in northern Ohio loaded his family into a van and headed out to a ministry engagement. A few moments later, they got into a horrific traffic accident that claimed the lives of his wife and one of their children, and left the remaining family members hospitalized with injuries.

As the family’s survivors began recovering from their physical injuries, the medical bills piled up in the mail. The bills exceeded what the minister was able to pay—and he had no healthcare cost provision.

In this difficult situation, he cried out to God, begging for a solution. Believing for a miracle, he began asking those who were on his small ministry newsletter’s list to pray and share resources as they were able, to help him pay his family’s medical bills. Then a miracle happened! By spring 1982, all his medical bills had been completely paid! With gratitude and confidence, he declared, “If God can do this for me, He can do this for others like me who are also in need.”

With God’s help, that idea began to grow into a solution that had first been modeled by Christians in the New Testament, a solution that would bless and minister to hundreds of thousands of Christians.

Today, 40 years later, that ministry is Christian Healthcare Ministries and Heartfelt Magazine is that newsletter! At CHM, we embrace our mission to “glorify God, show Christian love, and experience God‘s presence as Christians share each other‘s medical bills.” We’re committed to being the most exemplary, ministry-motivated health cost sharing organization in existence.

As we celebrate our 40th birthday and move forward into a very promising future, we thank God for His incredible blessings on this ministry. Furthermore, we’re grateful for the honor you have given us to serve you—our treasured members.

celebrate with us!

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