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Moses: God will work it out

By Christian Healthcare Ministries
Moses in the Bible

Carrying out God-given tasks while combatting physical or emotional limitations is a feat. Feelings of inadequacy can creep into our hearts and minds, and before we know it, we’re ready to give up before we’ve even started. Moses in the Bible would relate.

Moses and the burning bush

In Exodus 3, Moses is tending flocks in the wilderness when he spots a miraculously burning bush. Taking a closer look, he has an encounter with God. God calls from within the bush, telling him that He will liberate the then enslaved Israelites from Pharaoh’s grip.

Moses protests, stating that the leaders won’t listen to him, and the people won’t believe him. God proves He will be with Moses in multiple ways, promising to do incredible miracles before Pharaoh to display His power and even turns Moses’ staff into a snake right there for him. As Moses continues to worry, God tells him, “I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you” [Exodus 3:14, NLT].

Moses comes up with every excuse not to go, and he finally pulls out what he considers to be his ultimate excuse: he struggles with a stutter.

Theologians debate if Moses had a physical stutter or if the passage refers to his loss of eloquent speech due to his exile from Egypt. Either way, Moses clearly struggles with public speaking and speech anxiety.


Moses pleads with God, explaining that he’s not the right man for the job because of his slow speech and ability to get tongue-tied easily [Exodus 4:10].

God notes He’s the creator of all, encouraging Moses that He will provide him with the right words to say. Nevertheless, Moses continues to protest about his weakness, so God has Aaron, his brother, speak in his place, instructing the two of them to stand together before Pharoah.

One of the names of God is Elohim, meaning Creator. He has a purpose for every part of His creation. Even when Moses thinks he can’t measure up, God knows his true potential.

Moses believes his inability to speak will hold him back, complicate or invalidate God’s plan, and put him in danger. He sees his physical limitation as a barrier to God’s goodness.

But he forgot he served a miracle-working God who restores wholeness. Where Moses saw lack, God saw an opportunity to impart grace.

When we are weak, He is strong

Moses didn’t know then how he was created for God’s glory. As he would lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he’d see the Red Sea parted, the Egyptian army crumble, and healing for his people, even after they fell short of what God asked of them.

Like Moses, we’re all broken vessels. While we might not struggle with stuttering or public speaking, we’ve each felt the weight of pain, physical disability, or the fear of failure.

When God gives us a mission, He’ll empower us to complete it. Our shortcomings don’t limit our God.

However, our shortcomings don’t limit our God. Instead, His strength has an opportunity to shine [1 Corinthians 12: 9-11].

When we’re imperfect, when we fall or fail, God’s grace is supplied to empower us to fulfill His purpose. When He has given us a mission, He’ll empower us with the ability to complete it.


No matter how hard we try, we can’t do this life alone. We can’t climb mountains on our own, but with God, we are more than conquerors [Romans 8:37].

When our anxiety is great, He brings us joy. When our hearts are worn, He brings us peace. When our lives crumble, He brings us wholeness. When our bodies ache, He is our healing.

He’s our climbing partner, our steady light, our everlasting love. Christ redeemed us, and He establishes the work of our hands according to His purpose [Psalm 90:17]. With our eyes focused on Him, we are overcomers.

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