#IamCHM: Without you, there isn't a CHM.

You are the reason we celebrate this vibrant community of believers as they help each other through some of life’s toughest challenges!

You may be wondering, How does my CHM participation help other believers? Scroll down below to watch videos of CHM members who tell their #IamCHM story—all made possible because of your faithfulness. Thank you for being #IamCHM.

How to show your #IamCHM love

Members share their #IamCHM stories

Member compilation

I was not able not able to send thank you cards to everyone who sent [a card] to me but it meant so much to me to receive all these wonderful cards in the mail.

Saranne Wilson, Lakeside, California

It meant so much to us to know that there were people all over the world 43 different states and 3 different countries that were praying for us.

Paul Baker, Troy, Ohio

CHM is a ministry with great attention to organization, detail and thoroughness. [...] Reliability is everything, and we've found CHM to be very reliable and true to their word.

Wahid Wahba, Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Christian Healthcare Ministries shared the expenses from my heart operation. At the same time, I got messages from all over the United States and from people I didn't know, who told me they were prayer for me and sending me messages of support and encouragement.

Cynthia Gunselman, Lubbock, Texas

It's a joy each month sending in our share amount, knowing that it's helping to ease the financial burden of another Christian with medical expenses. I've also humbly been on the receiving side of this ministry and had other Christians help me pay my medical expenses.

Christine Archer, Pueblo, Colo.

"Christian Healthcare Ministries has been a blessing twice! It was phenominal how people reached out to encourage and pray for us."

Mark LaCrosse, Seattle, Wash.

"I still remember the day I went to the post office and opened up a couple checks from CHM members. It was staggering, and that type of support and care was amazing. Thank you CHM, and thank you CHM family!"

#IamCHM support goes beyond finances

Cliff and Saranne Wilson face a heart transplant and over $400,000 in medical bills. Saranne shares the beautiful testament of God’s people who sent cards and letters of encouragement to her husband Cliff and the hope it gave them during their time of need.

Young family finds strength in the #IamCHM community

Not long after their two-week-old son passed away from a heart defect, the Standring family learned that their two-year-old daughter, Mazy, had leukemia. The Standrings witnessed God’s faithfulness through CHM members who shared over $400,000 of cancer treatment costs.

Three families share their "glory to God" #IamCHM experience

With over 30 years of experiences with CHM, the Dobraska family told their friends who also joined. Since then, they have all faced medical incidents, including injury from falling off a roof, knee replacements, having a baby and more. These families discuss what #IamCHM looks like in everyday life.

Staff tell what #IamCHM means to them in service to members

Staff compilation

#IamCHM means that we are brothers and sisters in Christ on a worldwide mission to bear one another’s burdens.

CHM staff describe the CHM family and define ministry

Ministry is just being the hands and feet of Jesus and doing what He wants us to do here on this earth.

CHM staff share what they want members to know

If I could tell members one thing, it would be that they’re not just a number....they’re a face and a name and an important part of our ministry.

Katherine Rufener, Member Services

"I serve members by helping them navigate through their membership, share with them, pray for them, and help them through the best and worst times of their lives. To me that is an honor."

Havilah Spengler, Gift Processing

“#IamCHM means to me that I get to be part of something that’s bigger than myself—that it’s not about me—but it’s about a bigger picture that I get to be a part of."

Bethany Brooks, Member Services

“The one word I would use to describe the CHM family is ‘community.’  We’re really just a body of Christians that come together to support each other in any way possible.”

Four CHM staff members share what makes them #IamCHM

“To me, #IamCHM means working together with God to serve each other.”

Thank you for being part of the #IamCHM family!

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