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By Christian Healthcare Ministries

Welcome to the CHM family!

Your fellow CHM members are ready to support you financially and spiritually if you encounter an illness, injury, or other healthcare need.

When we share each other’s burdens, we act as the hands and feet of Christ [Galatians 6:2, Acts 2 and 4]. Cost-savings, excellence in healthcare, and prayerful encouragement are at your fingertips!

Getting Started

How long will it take, and when will I receive proof of my membership?

If your application is complete, your membership will begin as soon as you click the “submit” button on the online application or on the postmark date of your mailed application (unless you have a specified future start date). You’ll receive confirmation and a temporary membership number. When your application is processed, you’ll receive an email containing your member number and start date. Once you receive this information, you’re able to register for the Member Portal and download your digital membership cards, submit medical bills, view the CHM Guidelines, and more!

You’ll also receive a new member Welcome Packet in the mail within a few weeks of submitting your application that will contain printed membership cards, a print copy of the CHM Guidelines, and more.

What is the medical bill sharing process?

As a CHM member, you are considered a self-pay patient. When you present yourself as a self-pay patient, providers will send you the medical bills directly. This gives you the ability to have a direct say in your healthcare. You have flexibility to choose your own providers and the advantage of transparent pricing. Ask for itemized bills from your providers, see if they extend any self-pay discounts, and then submit them to CHM.

Once you submit your bills, the CHM staff have five tasks to complete the medical bill sharing process. For more information about what to do if you need medical care, visit this resource.

How do I find CHM-friendly providers?

Since CHM is a ministry serving you, we don’t have a provider network you must abide by. We’re devoted to empowering you to find quality healthcare service at an affordable price. This is why CHM has staff that specializes in building relationships with healthcare providers and pre-negotiating discounts for CHM members: so you can receive accessible, quality care at competitive cash-pay prices. Check the resources section of the Member Portal to search for CHM-friendly providers near you. 

As long as the expenses are eligible for sharing within our CHM Guidelines, your healthcare provider options are countless. 

Why do you use different terminology?

CHM puts you in a spiritual covenant relationship—not a contractual obligation—with your fellow Christians. We operate with intention! Covenants are found throughout the Bible both between God and His people, and His people in covenant with each other. As a health cost-sharing ministry, not insurance, we use terms that reflect our mission. These terms further demonstrate how we’re able to minister to the Body of Christ more effectively. You can find a helpful glossary of our most commonly used terms in the back of your CHM Guidelines and here

What else should I know about my membership?

Though no further action is required, here are some things we highly recommend:

  • Activate your Member Portal account. You can add a person to your membership, change your contact info, download your digital membership cards, make one-time contributions, set up and manage recurring contribution payments, submit medical bills for sharing, and access tools to help you share CHM with friends and family.
  • Read Heartfelt Magazine. You’ll receive Heartfelt at the beginning of each month. Please read it carefully; it contains helpful information about being a member, ministry news, member testimonies, advice for healthy living, and more.
  • Make sure you’re on the right program and part of CHM Plus. The CHM Gold and CHM SeniorShare™ programs offer considerably more services than CHM Silver or CHM Bronze, and adding CHM Plus means more sharing assistance for you when medical bills exceed $125,000 per illness.
  • Engage with other members on our social channels. Be encouraged through prayer, testimonies, and other helpful content on CHM’s social media channels. Look for us @iheartCHM.
Christian Healthcare Ministries
Christian Healthcare Ministries and its members help carry the load for their brothers and sisters in Christ, reflecting the spiritual values outlined in Galatians 6:2.