Celebrating 40 years of service—and many more to come (part four)

God's favor

By Craig J. Brown II, President & CEO

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Forty years ago, CHM began its ministry to help Christians meet their healthcare costs. No one could have imagined what the ministry would look like today. But God knew exactly what it would look like in 2021.

Similarly, God sees you and knows everything about your future. He has fearfully and wonderfully made you (Psalm 139:14). He knows your strengths, weaknesses, and potential. He has woven all of that into a beautiful pattern, even when hardships arise.

God had His eye upon Moses when he was conceived, and His favor and blessing rested upon him. At his birth, Moses’ parents recognized that he was an exceptional child; they built a basket of bulrushes to save his life. Pharaoh‘s daughter spotted Moses among the bulrushes and also realized he was special. Why? God’s favor was upon him.

During the first 40 years of Moses’ life, while living in the palace, it was easy to recognize God’s favor on him. However, during the next 40 years of life, when he lived as a fugitive in the desert, one might have wondered if God’s favor was upon Moses—his days were spent taking care of sheep. Nevertheless, at 80 years old, God appeared to him in the desert and called him to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery (Exodus 3:4).

God’s favor is upon you in both trials and victories.

While in ministry over the past 40 years, CHM has continuously experienced God’s faithfulness.

Often, it’s during life’s difficult seasons that God is accomplishing a much greater purpose for us. In hard times, He can teach us lessons, like patience and trust, that we may never learn in our victorious seasons. So, what are we to do? Always remain faithful!


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