Celebrating 40 years of service—and many more to come

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By Craig J. Brown II, President & CEO

When Christian Healthcare Ministries started in Oct. 1981, no one could have known how God would use it to bless and minister to so many of His people. CHM began with a definable need, followed by an act of obedience to God’s prompting, resulting in a continuing healthcare cost solution for hundreds of thousands of Christ-followers today.

Going into our 40th year, CHM is true to its founding mission—and we continue to experience historic vibrancy and growth. In addition to being the nation’s longest-serving health cost-sharing ministry, we are recognized as the standard-bearer for health cost sharing. That translates into much more than only monetary value for current and prospective CHM members:

1. Ministry motivation. CHM is dedicated to providing a biblical, compassionate solution to healthcare costs through which Christians voluntarily share each other's medical bills.

2. Leadership and experience. I am honored to lead one of the most highly skilled, ministry-motivated leadership teams anywhere. CHM’s leadership team is comprised of dedicated men and women of high integrity and Christian character who have many years of proven leadership experience.

3. Credibility and reputation. CHM has 40 years of excellence and credibility with members and healthcare providers alike. CHM is a high-integrity ministry, marked by transparency, full accountability and adherence to best practices.

4. Scale and consistency. CHM members enjoy being part of a Christian community that is hundreds of thousands of members strong, spanning all 50 states and the U.S. territories. Our well-trained team of ministry staff delivers a consistent ministry experience built on nearly 40 years of continuous improvement and refinement.

5. Vision and momentum. CHM members have the advantage of being served by ministry staff who share a clear and compelling vision for a larger, stronger and more excellent CHM. Their vision is accompanied by service through such improvements as new technologies and a sustainable and historically low average share time of less than 60 days.

Each of these areas enhances CHM’s value to current and prospective members. But perhaps the greatest value we offer is our staff’s ministry motivation and commitment to CHM’s founding mission. We have an amazing history, but we are even more excited to see what God will do in our future. We’re so glad you’re part of this ministry!

CEO's 2021 prayer for the ministry:

Almighty God, we come to You in the mighty name of Your son, Jesus. Thank you for the incredible things You’ve done through CHM over the past 39 years. You’ve guided, grown and strengthened our ministry throughout this incredible journey. Thank you for each member You’ve added to our number; members to whom we have the privilege of ministering to during their time of need.

Father, we confess our complete dependence upon You as we “carry one another’s burdens” by sharing each other’s healthcare bills. We ask that Your Holy Spirit will continue His perfect work in our hearts, binding the CHM community together in love for one another and giving witness to the world that we’re Your children and the sheep of Your pasture.

Father, our desire is for CHM to be the best it can be, for Your glory. Please grant us wisdom as we continually make improvements to help our members and enhance this ministry in its service to Christians. Please continue to strengthen us as You make the CHM staff and members more effective for Your glory and Your kingdom.

We ask these things in the sweet, strong name of Your son, Jesus. Amen.

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