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Ready to grow your family?

We want this experience to be full of joy and excitement as you welcome a new life into the world!

Ready to dive into our maternity program? Our Maternity Guide provides specific resources for your maternity journey.

Please note: Maternity expenses are eligible for sharing on the Gold level only. Women must have a due date for delivery at least 300 days on the Gold level for bills to be eligible for sharing. Please see the Guidelines for more information.

If you’re a member, call us within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy so we can:

  • Take $500 off your Personal Responsibility
  • Connect you to the best care in your area
  • Offer prayer, spiritual support, and Christian community

Important note: For a pregnancy to be eligible for sharing, the mother must have joined the Gold program at least 300 days before their doctor’s estimate of due date

Please call 1-800-791-6225 and select the maternity line to get started. Download our free Maternity Guide to learn more about how CHM supports you during this exciting stage of life.

1. As soon as you learn you’re pregnant, call our Maternity Support Team to receive education that will help determine your best healthcare options. Be sure to also visit our maternity provider interaction page.

Did you know CHM reworked our maternity process for your benefit? You’re not alone in your maternity journey, and we want to help guide you to the best quality care for the best price. To better serve our members, CHM partnered with a nurse navigator who has supported thousands of women through pregnancy and childbirth.

2. Ask for a prepayment agreement on your clinic/hospital/doctor’s letterhead. 

These charges are often bundled as a one or two-day stay (sometimes called a flat rate payment or prepayment agreement) and are significantly less expensive than being admitted to a facility when it’s time to give birth. Please also be sure to include the list of services included (or CPT code) and due date the prepayment agreement needs to be paid by.

3. Immediately submit the prepayment agreement and/or bills to the Christian Healthcare Ministries office. 

We highly encourage you to submit any maternity bills as soon as possible, as bills are processed in accordance with the sharing time. Notify the CHM office immediately if your healthcare provider sets a time limit for reduced charges (seven months is common).

4. Any charge (lab, sonogram, etc.) incurred after the original agreement/bills are submitted should be sent to CHM as an “add-on” to the initial amount. Any services not included in the global estimate must be submitted as a final itemized bill.

Please note: Maternity expenses are eligible for sharing on the Gold level only. Women must have a due date at least 300 days after their Gold level start date for maternity bills to be considered for sharing in accordance with the CHM Guidelines. Please see the Guidelines for more information.

More about our maternity program

Below is additional information about our maternity program. Download our free Maternity Guide to learn more about how CHM supports you during this exciting stage of life.

What is a prepayment agreement/global fee?

Your physician or midwife may provide you with a prepayment agreement/ global fee. This usually includes:

  • prenatal appointments
  • physician/midwife delivery charges
  • postpartum appointments (for mom)

In order to process your prepayment agreement, it must include:

  • provider information
  • patient name
  • a list of all services included in the fee
  • total fee for services
  • the payment due date or payment plan details

You’ll need to obtain itemized bills for any medical services performed outside of the global fee. Charges outside of the global fee typically include:

  • lab work
  • ultrasounds
  • additional appointments
  • hospital/ER visits

Note: Some prepayment agreements/global fees include lab work and ultrasounds. Please review your agreement before sending in itemized bills.

What’s the difference between a prepayment and an estimate?

An estimate is a ballpark figure that’s subject to change. A prepayment agreement is an agreed-upon price that stays the same as long as the conditions of the agreement are met.

While prepayment agreements are preferable, if you receive an estimate, please submit it so our team can work with you and your provider to receive additional information. 

If you need assistance obtaining a prepayment agreement, please contact the Maternity Support Team at 1-800-791-6225.

Does CHM reimburse facility/hospital prepayment agreements?

Our Maternity Support Team (MST) wants to help our members receive bundled facility flat rates. Please contact the MST at 1-800-791-6225 for assistance finding flat rates available in your area.

Facility/hospital prepayment agreements (or flat rates) must include:

  • the patient’s name
  • provider or place of service
  • CPT codes or descriptions of services
  • the total charge for each service
  • length of your hospital stay
  • whether newborn charges are included
  • due date of the prepayment agreement

Anesthesiology charges are eligible for sharing, but CHM cannot share these expenses prior to the birth. You’ll need to pay these charges out of pocket if your provider requires payment before delivery. You can upload the estimated bill into the CHM Member Portal prior to delivery, then submit the actual bill after the birth. Following this suggestion will significantly shorten sharing time.

Note: You may receive additional medical bills for your baby’s after-delivery hospital care, such as lab work, hearing tests, pediatrician visits, etc. You can submit the itemized bills as “maternity add-on” bills.

Is genetic testing eligible for sharing?

Genetic testing may be eligible for sharing if:

  1. It’s non-invasive and required to determine treatment for a current medical condition.
  2. Medical records or healthcare provider notes are provided for verification.

Note: An amniocentesis may be considered for sharing when medical records confirm that the procedure is necessary to determine life-preserving medical care for the baby and/or mother.

Are medical bills for congenital conditions eligible for sharing?

For members whose birth was shared through CHM’s maternity program, CHM shares up to $125,000 for medical bills related to their congenital condition if the following conditions are met:

  1. For a dependent child, the child’s mother must be a CHM Gold member with an account in good standing and must remain a Gold member until $125,000 is shared.
  2. The individual who incurred the bills has continuously been a CHM Gold member (no interruptions in membership) since birth or adoption.

Note: Babies with a congenital birth defect must transition immediately from their mother’s membership unit to their own unit.

For more information, please reference the CHM Guidelines.

How does CHM spiritually support members?

We believe supporting each other spiritually is as important as the financial support members receive. Our Maternity Support Team will pray for you, provide you with spiritual resources, and encourage you to participate in a community with each other.

Through the Prayers Unceasing program included in your Monthly Gift Form, members have the opportunity to reach out to each other through prayer, cards, and notes of encouragement. By visiting us every Wednesday on social media, you can join members across the country in praying for one another.

CHM staff also pray daily for members, especially those who have submitted prayer requests by mail, email, or phone. Staff members are dedicated prayer warriors available to pray with you over the phone at your request.

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