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By Christian Healthcare Ministries

Christian Healthcare Ministries assists members with prescription costs as follows:

CHM Silver and CHM Bronze members: do not include provisions for any prescription medication.

All programs: Prescriptions used for maintenance treatment cannot be shared by CHM members.

With tools like the ones we’ve provided here, you can find the cheapest prescription costs in your area and lock in those low prices with coupons, membership cards, and more. The best part? It’s all free and easy to use.

Save even more with these tips:

  • Ask your doctor for the generic brand of your prescription.
  • Search for your prescriptions before you even leave your house to find the cheapest prices and best locations.
  • Use more than one of the tools listed below.
  • Give the pharmacist multiple savings cards to see which one gets the best price.
  • Send the free coupons to your phone to lock in low prices.

With these tips and resources, you can find the best savings on your prescription costs. It’s easier than ever!

GoodRx enables you to search for your prescription by name, filter results by dosage, price, and more, and find cheaper generic brands. GoodRx may offer coupons to lock in lower prices. In addition, it has services to help you find discounts or financial assistance programs. GoodRx also has a membership card you can show your pharmacist. Learn more by visiting

CHMRx gives you the ability to search for prescriptions in your area, enabling you to get the best bang for your buck. CHMRx also has a discount card that you can show your pharmacists when you pick up your prescriptions, often opening discounts for you right there in the store. Learn more by visiting

By using the “Price Prescriptions” tool on the HealthiestYou™ app, you can search for the cheapest prescriptions near you or find generic drugs at a lower price. Spend less time looking and less money when you pick up your prescription! Learn more by visiting or by downloading the app.

WellRx allows you to search for prescriptions—including generic brands—and helps find the cheapest prices in your area. If you have a prescription you’re regularly buying, you can turn on price alerts to get notification if the price changes. WellRx equips you with a membership card and coupons to lock in those low prices. Learn more by visiting

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Christian Healthcare Ministries and its members help carry the load for their brothers and sisters in Christ, reflecting the spiritual values outlined in Galatians 6:2.