Dental & vision

CHM is for major medical expenses (hospitalization, surgery, maternity, etc.) and therefore doesn’t help with dental, vision, or chiropractic-related expenses. However, here are some options to help you manage these types of costs:

1. Set up a savings account just for your healthcare expenses

Most members find that using CHM for their major medical costs and a savings account for smaller expenses is a budget-friendly solution to healthcare costs. Dave Ramsey, a friend of CHM, and other Christian financial advisors such as Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton, advise using a budget to keep track of monthly expenses. Using a regular savings account for anticipated health expenses puts you in control and enables you to choose the right amount to save each month for your family’s needs.

2. Consider dental and vision savings plans

Many such plans – which are savings plans only and not insurance – exist and can save you hundreds of dollars on dental and vision. Some even provide access to physicians over the phone. One such program recommended by CHM is the Careington LiveWell Plan. For a low monthly rate you can receive immediate savings on dental, vision, and more with their national provider networks.

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