Are you looking for a doctor near you?

You’re free to go to whatever doctor you’d like!

You read that right: Since CHM is a ministry serving you, we don’t have a provider network that you must abide by. As long as the expenses are eligible for sharing within our Guidelines, we will work with your provider.

The recommended provider list below contains contact information of doctors who reached out to us with a desire to serve self-pay patients or were recommended by fellow CHM members.

Please note that these providers are recommended based on their willingness to work with self-pay patients. They may administer some or all treatment that fall outside of the CHM Guidelines and, therefore, do not qualify for CHM sharing.

Looking for national or regional service providers? You can find our list of national providers here.

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*Please keep in mind that recommended providers may administer treatment that falls outside the CHM Guidelines and bills would therefore be ineligible for sharing.*


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