A doctor’s perspective of CHM, Dr. Tim Ryan, Cartersville, Georgia

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I’ve been practicing medicine for over 24 years. My wife, Jonna, and I built our practice from the ground up. We started out in a small storefront office and slowly increased our patient base. I now serve nearly 4,000 patients, both insured and self-pay.

A big concern for self-pay patients is uncertainty regarding the financial aspects of a catastrophic health crisis. Most people have the means to pay for basic doctor services. However, when larger scale needs arise, such as surgery or hospitalization costing thousands of dollars, they’re worried they’ll need to pay for it themselves.

This is why I typically recommend CHM. They’re designed to be that safety net in the event of a health crisis.

My wife and I experienced this firsthand when we faced a crisis of our own. We had been members of CHM for quite a few years without needing their services. Then Jonna learned she had ovarian cancer.

She was diagnosed on July 12 and underwent surgery on July 31. Those next several months were a blur as she went from surgery, to recovery, to complications, and finished with 18-20 weeks of chemotherapy.

Quite suddenly, we found ourselves not only a provider promoting CHM, but now also on the other end, having to make use of CHM resources ourselves. I thought, I guess we’ll see if they really do what they say they will.

And CHM really came through. At the date of this writing CHM members shared over $180,000 in bills, 75 percent of which was reduced by discounts. CHM members shared the remaining expenses. CHM staff helped us work through any small issues that came up along the way. We’re so happy with their services.

Jonna’s journey toward recovery has been fantastic. She’s exercising regularly and her hair is coming back. We look forward to continuing progress until she’s back to normal.

God is the great scriptwriter; He writes the story of our lives, and it’s often not what we would write. Jonna and I would never have written this story, but we thank Him because we’ve been able to meet and minister to people we never would have otherwise—and He’s shined His light through us.

A doctor's perspective on CHM

Dr. Ryan and his wife, Jonna, built The Physician’s Practice from the ground up. Then, the unexpected happened: Jonna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Learn a doctor’s thoughts on CHM and see how CHM members shared over $180,000 in cancer medical bills for Jonna.

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