Anna Judnich, Jamestown, CA

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Stunned by sudden pain, I quickly retreated from a friend’s driveway into the safety of my car. Looking down, I found a deep wound caused by a dog bite. I later learned that the dog’s fencing was not secure.

My husband immediately drove me to the emergency room and I was treated with anti-rabies shots and antibiotics. Feeling the need to be proactive, I also added probiotics and cultured vegetables (such as noncommercial sauerkraut) to my diet.

This was my first incident as a Christian Healthcare Ministries member. Every time I called the CHM office, the staff answered my inquiries in a helpful manner and explained what I needed to do.

My original bill was $21,050. I had read the CHM literature and newsletters and therefore absorbed the idea of negotiating discounts for medical services. I asked and the hospital offered a 50 percent discount if I paid cash.* Since I was financially able, I proceeded at the encouragement and direction of the CHM Member Advocate department. CHM members shared the remaining amount of my bill.

The following weeks were a lesson in learning patience because healing simply takes time. I believe that deep wounds heal from the inside out. My leg continues to heal, though some numbness remains at the site of the injury.

I first heard of Christian Healthcare Ministries 10 years ago while reading a magazine. I was intrigued by its practice of not sharing expenses for unbiblical medical care. However, change is difficult for me, so it wasn’t until this year that I researched our family’s options. We chose to join the Christian Healthcare Ministries family. I believe God went before me on all my health care money matters.

I can now speak with confidence when I say that CHM represents itself well and is trustworthy to share members' medical expenses. We thank God for the obedience of this ministry’s members.

*Editor’s note: If your medical bills total more than $1,000, please contact the CHM Member Advocate department at 1-800-791-6225, option 5, before accepting a discount and making payment. Please remember that once a bill is paid, negotiations cease. To learn more, see CHM Guideline L.

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