Anna Stone, Brookshire, TX

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In the blink of an eye, life changed for our family. On a Sunday afternoon in June 2015, a weapon misfired in our home and our 15-year-old daughter Anna suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen.

My husband, Keith, administered first aid while we awaited the arrival of the local EMS team, terrified and praying all the while for God to save our daughter’s life.

She suffered damage to her pancreas, liver, intestines, bile duct, and a vena cava. She also lost her gall bladder and one of her kidneys. She had two fractured vertebrae from bullet fragments lodged in her spine.

Within the hour, Anna was life-flighted to a hospital in Houston, beginning a series of miracles too numerous to count. As the helicopter pilot stood vigil outside her emergency room door praying for her safety, surgeons and nurses were inside marveling at Anna’s stability despite multiple internal injuries.

I called CHM first thing Monday morning. Needs Processor Yvonne Woolridge was caring and supportive. She gave us clear instructions for submitting medical bills to the ministry. When our hospital offered a 50 percent discount for prompt payment on Anna’s hospital bill, CHM expedited the bill for sharing. Eventually the hospital extended a 70 percent discount on all hospital procedures.

Anna spent a month in the hospital for surgeries and other procedures, but her progress was steady and she was moved from ICU one week earlier than anticipated—another miracle.

She was discharged from the hospital but continued with tube feedings. Thankfully, my background as a registered nurse enabled me to adequately care for her at home. We praise God for preparing us with the exact skills and knowledge we needed to face this ordeal.

I often think back to that first month we were home when Anna’s feeding tube, which also delivered her medications, consistently became blocked. One day it was blocked for hours, causing her both hunger and pain. I remember feeling helpless and frantically trying different methods to unblock the tube.

As I prayed for God to show me how to fix the blockage, Anna calmly said, “I’m going to be okay, Mom. I know you’ll fix it. I’m fine because Jesus is relieving my pain right now.” What a powerful and humbling reminder that He is in control and present with us through all struggles!

Just before Thanksgiving, Anna was able to eat a few bites of food, and finally her tube feedings were reduced to overnight only. Even more exciting, she returned to school part-time on January 5, 2016.

Without a doubt, Anna’s injury was the most challenging experience we’ve ever faced. However, God revealed to us His constant peace and showed our family grace and mercy as He protected Anna. As we recount those first days and all that we’ve experienced, we stand amazed at all God has brought us through.

We were also blessed by the Body of Christ rallying around us. Our family, friends and church supported us, fed us, prayed for us, cared for our other children and encouraged us every step of the way.

We also received many cards from people we didn’t know. I told Anna they must have been from CHM members. More and more cards arrived with notes of encouragement and letters from members who shared their own stories of God’s faithfulness. Each was a unique and precious word from God to Anna and our family.

Anna continues to recuperate, and we tell others about the ministry’s care for members’ medical and spiritual needs. After nearly $400,000 in discounts, CHM has shared more than $355,000 in medical bills. We are forever grateful. Thank you.

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