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Members Anthony and Rebecca Hott received health cost support through CHM’s maternity program for the birth of their daughter. Myla Louise Hott was born Nov. 27, 2012. Our staff asked the Hotts about their CHM experience.

Christian Healthcare Ministries: Why did you start looking for health care cost support?

Rebecca Hott: My husband and I married in January 2011. We’d graduated from Bible college the previous year and were planning to go into full-time ministry. In the meantime, Anthony was doing part-time ministry and working part-time for his family’s business which, ironically, was insurance. Our health care costs were taken care of through the business. When we found a full-time position in Illinois, health care wasn’t included.

CHM: Working in full-time ministry often causes families to live on a tight budget. How did you hear about Christian Healthcare Ministries?

RH: My parents had been CHM members when I was growing up, but I wanted to try health insurance. Anthony and I shopped around and found that anything including maternity was much more expensive than we anticipated—or could afford. When we did more research into CHM’s maternity program I was really impressed at the services offered for the price.

CHM: How did Anthony’s family react, since they work in insurance industry?

RH: They were a little skeptical because we were entering into something that isn’t health insurance. However, his grandparents—who had also worked in full-time ministry—had been CHM members. After weighing the options, it seemed to be the best choice for us, too.

CHM: What happened when you found out you were pregnant?

RH: I called the CHM office in March 2012, the day I got back home from the doctor’s office after confirming my pregnancy. At first it was a little intimidating and my husband was still a little skeptical and nervous, but my mom kept reassuring us that CHM had always come through for them. Yvonne Woolridge was our Needs Processing representative and she was wonderful. It was unique, too, because Yvonne also was expecting a baby. That was comforting.

CHM: Were there any complications with Myla’s birth?

RH: I was very blessed because my pregnancy was easy and simple and I had no complications. I went into labor naturally four days after my due date. However, when Myla was born, she had a heart murmur. These days it seems that heart murmurs are commonplace, but Myla’s was more severe than most. In fact, at one point the pediatrician was convinced they might have to air flight her to a larger hospital. Fortunately, they didn’t need to do so, but I emailed CHM to see if that kind of need would be eligible for sharing. We were so relieved to find that we would have financial assistance in the case of a birth defect.

CHM: What was the final diagnosis?

RH: Myla had a severe case of pulmonary stenosis—which is a fancy way of saying that her pulmonary artery had narrowed. She underwent a procedure using a small balloon to open the artery. Her prognosis is excellent and now the doctor can’t even hear a murmur!

CHM: How did Myla’s condition affect your finances?

RH: We’re Gold level members. Because CHM honors bill discounts its members receive, our discounts were applied to our $500 personal responsibility amount. We paid no out-of-pocket expenses beyond our regular monthly financial gift. That’s amazing! My husband and his family are no longer skeptical of Christian Healthcare Ministries.

CHM: What else would you like to tell us about your experience?

RH: Our medical bills were handled in a timely manner. CHM staff members were upfront when they said that bill sharing could take up to three months and they were indeed shared in that timeframe. We definitely recommend CHM to young couples, particularly those who wish to add to their families. In fact, we already have recommended CHM and talked to our fellow ministry friends about it.

There’s no other place that will give you the same rate for the same level of service. Furthermore, insurance companies just can’t compete in terms of spiritual support. With CHM, we knew there were people on the other side of the phone seeking to please God in their work. CHM staff members prayed for us. That’s a comfort no insurance company can provide.

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