Brian & Doreen Nickens, Redding, CA

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About five years ago, in the middle of Christmas break, I needed a kidney stone removed. As it was during the holidays, my health care provider was on vacation and I had to get a “Change of Care Givers” form approved. Unfortunately, my provider was the only one approved under my health insurance plan. It took them nearly two weeks to see me. I was waiting in agony until I finally had surgery. 

After the procedure was performed, I learned that the insurance company had recanted its approval of my claim. For about six months I was led to believe that I had to pay for all of the surgery and doctor bills. The bills were turned over to a collections agency before the mess was finally cleared up. 

I spent countless hours on the phone being transferred from person to person, fighting for my insurance coverage. As soon as the final bill was paid, I canceled my insurance and sought out an alternative option. That’s when I heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries. My wife, Doreen, and I learned about CHM on the Fox News Network’s “Huckabee” show. We checked it out and signed up immediately. 

In June 2013 Doreen began experiencing some bloating and went to the doctor’s office. Doctors performed a series of tests—including a CT scan—that showed she had a seven-inch-long mass on her right ovary. We were devastated and spent the next two weeks in anguish as we waited to see a specialist. Doreen’s surgery was scheduled for June 25. 

Meanwhile, our interaction with CHM was simple and easy. Staff members assured us that the money would be there when we needed it and told us the staff was praying for us. 

When we told the surgeon and hospital that we were self-pay patients and were members of CHM, at first they were a bit confused. They contacted the ministry to learn more and hung up the phone feeling much more comfortable with the concept. However, they required a 50 percent upfront payment in order to give us a discount of nearly $21,000. 

CHM worked with the hospital to make sure the necessary amount was shared via overnight shipping the day of the surgery. Its arrival was prompt and I could tell that the providers were impressed. I remember thinking that CHM must have been a breath of fresh air compared to the typical paper war to collect funds from a health insurance company. 

We praise God that Doreen is recovering nicely and has returned to her daily exercise routine. Though she had to have a hysterectomy, there was no cancer! 

The simplicity and efficiency of CHM is how health care is supposed to be. Thank you for all you do. We love this ministry!

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