Caitlin Phillips, Tacoma, WA

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When my husband, Jonathan, and I decided to join CHM nearly two years ago, we could have never anticipated how much we would need this ministry and how encouraged we would be by its members.

In Oct. 2013, we were rejoicing over the news of our first baby boy on the way. Two days after our 22-week ultrasound, however, we got the call: our son had a life-threatening heart defect and might not live to be even one week old.

There went my dreams of an inexpensive home birth with a midwife and my hope of having a healthy first baby. Gone were my dreams of decorating a nursery, shopping for clothes and thinking about his future. We were devastated.

We sought a second opinion in Seattle, Wash., and found a hospital willing to take our case. Perhaps they could perform a life-saving operation on our newborn. Instantly we went from anticipating an inexpensive, natural birth to a high-profile, high risk pregnancy with endless testing expenses and visits to many specialists. In addition, we now had to move across two states.

Being CHM members was the least stressful aspect of a very emotional and difficult season. CHM supported us every step along the way and exceeded our expectations in financial sharing ($28,598 after $7,960 in discounts). The ministry is an amazing health care option and, as fellow members of Christ’s body, CHM members flooded our mailbox with cards of prayers and encouragement.

Almost every day since last October, we’ve received something in the mail from a CHM member sharing encouragement and hope. What an invaluable blessing and joy! How counter-cultural it is to be involved in a health cost sharing program that truly shares your “burdens” and commits to pray alongside you.

Many people have asked about Jimmy, and we can only praise God for His mercy. James David Phillips was born February 11, 2014. He was immediately taken to the children’s hospital and, at just one week of age, underwent the most complex neo-natal heart surgery performed on infants. Many folks didn’t expect him to make it, but he spent more than two months in the critical ICU and now goes for regular checkups and some smaller procedures.

Baby Jimmy is a miracle from God. We don’t take any moments with him for granted. This has changed our lives, strengthened our marriage and deepened our awe and trust in Jesus Christ. We hope you, our CHM family, can share in our joy as we are convinced that it was the prayers of hundreds of God’s people that played a major part in him being alive today. We send our love and thanks.

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