Carmen Catalano, Higganum, CT

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My husband, Jaime, and I joined Christian Healthcare Ministries in January 2015. We were looking for an affordable healthcare option that would fit our circumstances without requiring us to pay for services we neither wanted nor needed.

I began developing cataracts a few years prior to joining CHM. The deterioration of my vision was subtle at first but became problematic in fall 2015. I couldn’t drive well in the dark or in bad weather.

A call to CHM confirmed that my condition was, unfortunately, pre-existing. “Don’t worry, though,” the staff member assured me. “There is help for you.” She explained what to do. I submitted my medical bills to CHM as I received them, paid my Personal Responsibility amount and nervously hoped for the best.

I was also able to negotiate medical bill discounts with the surgeon and hospital surgery center, though I unfortunately didn’t have any success with the anesthesiologist’s office. Additionally, the surgeon required a substantial down payment a few days before my two procedures. I had some money set aside for emergencies, but nothing remained after I depleted that to pay the surgeon’s bills. I began to worry.

A pleasant surprise was that it was quite simple to get my name listed on CHM’s Prayer Page since my bills met the Guidelines for that program. Thanks be to God, I have since received $4,958 toward my bills with $7,400 remaining. I cried when I received the first check in the mail. I’m so humbled at the generosity of strangers—but, as I remind myself, they’re not really strangers. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I now have excellent vision and my worries have disappeared! Through it all, God has shown me His great love and divine mercy. My experience has brought me closer to Him in some amazing ways.

I can’t say enough good things about CHM and the staff members. They were so encouraging and eased my concerns by explaining that each month hundreds of thousands of dollars are shared via the Prayer Page and that needs are being met in full. I have recommended CHM to friends, colleagues and everyone else I can think of.

CHM is a compassionate, no-nonsense, affordable healthcare option. The staff does just what they say they will do—no runaround, no stalling, no exorbitant fees, no hidden costs. Nothing. I thank God every day for CHM.

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