Carolyn Diehl, Myrtle Beach, SC

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CHM was an answer to prayer. I’m a retired nurse and a pastor’s wife, and I was observing the rising costs of medical care at the time I heard about health cost sharing ministries from a friend. 

Though I joined the ministry to pay for major medical incidents, I certainly didn’t anticipate such events happening. However, I was very surprised—and concerned—when I awoke one morning soon after joining with a fever, chills and abdominal pain.

I assessed my pain and 38 years of nursing experience led me to believe it was “rebound tenderness” in my lower right abdomen. I took my temperature and self-diagnosed the symptoms as acute appendicitis. I quickly woke my husband to get a ride to our local hospital, all the while mentally preparing myself for emergency surgery.

As much as my mind was focused on my health and doing what I could to restore it, I nevertheless began thinking about the financial consequences of what was occurring. In those moments, the Lord reminded me that He led me to CHM for this very reason. I wanted to trust Him but I admit I was still concerned about my decision to join a health cost sharing ministry. To ease my mind I reminded myself of the many testimonies I had read in the CHM magazine.

I underwent surgery immediately following a CT scan that confirmed my appendicitis. The hospital released me within eight hours and I returned home to rest.

The next day I called CHM to report my emergency room visit and subsequent outpatient surgery. The staff member I spoke with was very reassuring and encouraged me to submit my medical bills and the CHM Sharing Request Packet. At my follow-up visit I negotiated a 50 percent discount on the surgeon’s bill and the office manager gave me my itemized bill to submit to CHM.

Unfortunately, the local hospital was less willing to provide itemized bills and wouldn’t offer a self-pay discount, so CHM’s Member Advocate team helped me and worked with them. CHM’s staff advised me to submit the bills I had been given and to focus on my healing. The staff’s calm and caring manner was a true blessing.

In the end, CHM negotiated a 40 percent discount with our hospital and I received the funds to pay my providers the balance within the 120-day sharing timeframe.

I’m still amazed and overwhelmed at all CHM does for its members. God once again revealed His constant faithfulness and attention to detail. Though I had a few days of uncertainty when the hospital wouldn’t offer a discount, CHM was supportive and proactive in resolving any issues.

As a healthy 62-year-old, medical problems were the last thing on my mind. However, the Lord had other plans for me and, as a result, my trust in Him grew. He provided perfectly for all my needs when I surrendered all of my life to Him.

I’m filled with a deep sense of gratitude for CHM’s support and sharing programs. That’s a huge step for this retired nurse who was accustomed to the “normal” way to meet healthcare costs. I now have peace of mind about my decision to join the ministry. As I refer friends, I share with them my personal testimony of God’s provision through Christian Healthcare Ministries. Thank you, CHM staff and members!

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