Charlene Alger, Winnsboro, SC

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In March 2014, my husband, Errol, researched Christian health cost sharing ministries to see if any of them were eligible under the national health care law. Later that month, we—two very healthy people—became CHM members. We wanted to help like-minded believers with similar lifestyles pay for medical bills. Just as important, CHM was budget-friendly.

In April, I suffered intense abdominal pain. I drove myself to the emergency room and collapsed in the parking lot. The emergency room staff rushed me into surgery to repair what I later learned was an infected perforation of my colon. The infection was quickly spreading throughout my body.

The doctor warned Errol that my odds didn’t look good and that they were going to remove two feet of my colon. For several days, complications arose. My husband believed this was the end of our time together on Earth, but praise God, my condition improved and I was released 12 days later.

God knew we needed CHM, and we were able to pay every penny of our remaining $72,000 in medical bills after discounts of nearly $80,000. God’s timing is perfect.

Our desire to join CHM began with the need to satisfy a government requirement, but today we send our monthly financial gift with great appreciation for this ministry that truly cares. We’re blessed to now help others who face life-threatening situations.

The world doesn’t work like this, but God does. He provides for His people through prayer, faith and sharing one another’s burdens. Praise His name!

Thank you, Christian Healthcare Ministries, for being the example that Christ intended the church to be.

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