Charlotte Vieth, Martell, NE

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As a single mom with six children—two of whom have special needs—things are always tight financially. However, God shows me His faithfulness by providing for me and my family. One of those provisions is CHM; I’ve been a member since July 2005. 

I’ve suffered from varicose veins since my first pregnancy 30 years ago, and the pain grew worse with each of the pregnancies that followed. I am the primary caregiver for my 12-year-old son, who has cerebral palsy and requires a lot of physical assistance. When God eventually provided me with help from other caregivers who could come to my home, I knew it was time to stop putting off my surgery. 

I had two laser procedures done on my right leg in March 2012. I made it clear that I was a self-pay patient and belonged to a Christian health cost-sharing ministry that would help me pay the bills. My health care provider was kind enough to give me a discount on the related bills, and I was able to set up a monthly payment plan. 

My condition was pre-existing, so these bills did not qualify for CHM’s regular cost-sharing program. However, the staff at CHM told me that I could have my need listed on the Prayer Page, which has been very encouraging. 

I’m now waiting for a follow-up procedure to help with my condition, and I know that God will be faithful in providing for that as well. 

I’ve really appreciated receiving gifts from other CHM members each month toward my bill. Many of them come with a personal note. The fact that my monthly gift goes to help fellow believers like the ones who have helped me with my bills is one of my favorite things about CHM. 

Thank you, CHM members, for faithfully sharing one another’s burdens!

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