Child's leg crushed in ATV accident, life-flighted to hospital, Kelley Chesney, Prosper, Texas

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Our youngest son Luke was a passenger on an ATV when it flipped, pinning Luke underneath. As the ATV rolled, it bounced and snapped his femur in half, then landed on his foot, breaking it in two places. I will never forget the screams we heard. As family and friends ran to our son's aid, I immediately began praying for a miracle.

When we got to Luke, his foot was pinned under the ATV. It took three grown men to lift the ATV off of him while we called 911.

The medics evaluated Luke and told us he needed to be air-flighted for emergency surgery. Afterwards, we learned that breaking your femur is one of the fastest ways to bleed out. Had we put him in an ambulance, the bumpy ride could have severed his femoral artery.

Luke was completely coherent, but in a bit of shock. He kept asking if it was a dream. In the helicopter, I felt God’s peace as Luke held my hand. I continued to tell him he could trust the medics and that he would be okay because God's angels were with us.

Upon our arrival at the hospital, it felt so surreal—so many doctors and nurses were waiting and ready for us. At one point when the room was quieter, Luke said, "Guys, you're all doing a great job and I trust you all." Several of them cried. No doubt God was holding our little guy and comforting him. Just before they wheeled him to surgery, the doctor, nurses, and I prayed over Luke.

His surgery lasted about two hours. They placed two rods in his femur to hold it together while it healed and thankfully didn’t need to operate on his foot. He was in a leg immobilizer and a boot.

When Luke was recovering from surgery, his older sister Maddie reached out to the Dallas Mavericks on their Instagram page and told them what happened, since Luke was a die-hard fan. Two weeks later, Luke got a Dallas Mavericks care package, including a signed letter from Mark Cuban.

The people who work for CHM are simply amazing! Every time I call, I’ve received the best treatment and care, full of respect and empathy. Submitting our bills was easy, and within a few months, we could pay everything in full. We ended up with nothing out-of-pocket!

Since we've been members of CHM for a few years and they’ve shared medical bills for other incidents we’ve had, I knew the drill and began asking for discounts. The hospital portion, which was $95,000, was discounted to $5,500 simply because we’re cash pay.

We have been self-employed for 12 years now. CHM is a blessing because we understand we aren't meant to do life alone, and CHM truly is a way to share in each other's burdens. It gives my husband and me so much peace knowing we’re not on our own.

By the grace of God, Luke has made a full recovery! Four months to the day of Luke's accident, he went to his first soccer practice. It was an emotional day since I didn’t know if he’d ever play soccer again. A month later, he scored five goals in his first game back.

Thank you, CHM family, for supporting us through each of our incidents—and especially Luke’s injury.

Editor’s note: Emergency transport for life-threatening situations is eligible only on the Gold level. Additionally, all recommended safety equipment must be worn when using motorized vehicles. See the CHM Guidelines for more information.

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