“CHM goes the extra mile”, Tina Keplinger, Baker, West Virginia

Total eligible bills
Provider discounts
Total bills shared

My first pregnancy with CHM was in 2015; it resulted in a miscarriage. I will never forget my call to CHM. When I let them know I miscarried, the Member Services staff person prayed with me over the phone and was very compassionate.

Two years after my miscarriage, I became pregnant again. This time I had an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, and we brought home our son, Ezra.

The total cost of my pregnancy was about $32,000. I was able to secure $11,000 in self-pay discounts, and CHM members shared my remaining eligible medical bills. We’re blessed to be surrounded by so many faithful Christians willing to share the burden of our healthcare costs.

CHM goes the extra mile to help members. I also love the flexibility I have to choose my own healthcare provider. I have called CHM for various reasons and have always been met with a friendly voice on the other end of the line—that makes all the difference.

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