CHM member healed of breast cancer, saw “power of prayer firsthand”, Christyne Stephens, Osceola, Indiana

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No one’s ever quite prepared to hear they have stage 4 breast cancer. Yet, as I look over all that’s happened, I can see God’s preparation and care.

I started chemo, but after one treatment, I landed in the hospital with multiple major infections. The side effects made life difficult, and together my husband Tim and I decided to discontinue my chemo. As a Christian, I wasn’t afraid to die, but I was greatly saddened at the thought of not being there to experience life with my family and see my granddaughter grow up.

Though my body grew stronger, I had continuing digestive issues. In January, we went to Florida to recuperate on the beach for a week.

It was a wonderful time of healing. In fact, my recovery was astounding. By the end of the week, I could even eat with family—something I’d not been able to do for a long time.

Returning home, we were shocked to find dozens of cards from strangers. My husband recalled asking CHM to share my prayer request with the Prayers Unceasing program. Everything fell into place. No wonder I felt better—thousands of people were praying for me.

My digestive issues improved, but they never completely healed. Upon reviewing an MRI, my general practitioner said she was sorry to see so much cancer. I received infusions every three weeks, hoping to keep the aggressive cancer from growing.

One month later, my oncologist ordered a PET scan to see if the infusions were working. I was nervous about what the test would reveal, yet God comforted me. In the week leading up to our appointment to hear the results, a praise song kept ringing in my head.

At the appointment, the doctor told me that the PET scan came back with normal results. My husband started crying. I couldn’t comprehend the news. Our doctor, who wasn’t a Christian, went back through all the test results and ordered more tests because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

But the result was the same: I was healed of cancer.

I was scheduled to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy, but when I met with the surgeon, he canceled it. An entire group of doctors gathered together to review my case, and they concluded that I didn’t need to have surgery.

The doctors attributed my good news to the effectiveness of the infusions; however, my MRI in March showed cancer in at least eight different sites. One month later, I was completely cancer-free. May all the glory and honor go to our God, Jehovah Rapha!

Thank you, CHM members, for being God’s provision by paying the many bills, sending encouraging cards, and praying. Through your commitment, I experienced the healing power of prayer firsthand.

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