CHM member with stage 4 breast cancer thankful for Brother’s Keeper, By Gina Goodwin, Buffalo, Mo.

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I had horrible back pain that wouldn’t go away. My family doctor treated it, but nothing helped.

Finally, I got a full-body bone scan. A month later, the results came back. My husband, Mike, and I prayed with all our hearts that it wouldn’t be cancer. However, I prayed in the words of Christ from Luke 22:42, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

The test results showed metastatic breast cancer.

I knew the Lord was with me during this time. He was—and still is—guiding us and leading us to just the right places. My current breast cancer oncologist is amazing and works smoothly with CHM! Because of CHM’s prearranged discount with them, CHM sends checks directly to them.

I wish I could say I’m a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, but my treatment is still ongoing. Most days I feel great. Though I have pain every day, it’s manageable most of the time. God has been so faithful to us.

The Lord has taught me to be full of joy even when I hear something negative about my treatment or cancer diagnosis (James 1:2-3). He said to us, “Laughter is great medicine” (Proverbs 17:22) and there are no impossible things with God (Matt 19:26). When my life feels out of control, I know He is totally and completely in control. God is bigger than cancer!

With cancer, I have enough on my plate just doing life each day. Not having to worry about bills being paid is a God thing!

When we hit $125,000, our bills smoothly transferred to Brother’s Keeper sharing with no payment interruption. We’re both thankful for CHM and Brother’s Keeper. Mike is self-employed. Without this support, we’d be lost. We have—and always—will recommend CHM to our family and friends.

Additionally, I’ve received so many wonderful letters and cards of encouragement from other CHM members.

I remember when the first card came, early in my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I wasn’t doing that great and my emotions were all over the board. I was taken aback by the love in that simple message telling me they were praying for healing. People who didn't know me were praying for me and helping with our medical treatment—I wept, overwhelmed by their love.

I keep all my letters in a basket in my living room so I can be daily reminded of the love and compassion of others for someone they don’t even know. Now that is the love of Jesus!

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