CHM’s Prayer Page ministry encourages “doubting Thomas,” knee replacement frees member to care for ailing relatives without pain, Delbert Newberry, Garland, TX

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Several years ago I lost my job and my age made it difficult to find a new one. Meanwhile, my mother had broken her hip and my dad was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which was especially challenging since they live five hours away. In addition, my 31-year-old daughter, Mindy, had a stroke.

Kim and I prayed about it, looked at our budget and decided I could retire and spend more time doing volunteer work, traveling to see my parents and helping our daughter with our seven-month-old granddaughter, Courtney.

We also started looking for affordable healthcare options. A friend at my wife’s workplace told us about CHM and we went online to check it out. Health cost-sharing was a new concept to me, but after more prayer and discussion we gave it a try. I joined CHM in May 2017 at the Gold level and added the Brother’s Keeper program for catastrophic health expenses.

I was a little skeptical that CHM could work, but the following month I hurt my ankle and thus decided to test the system. I submitted the doctor’s charges and medical bill processing forms to CHM and was completely reimbursed after a few months.

For years I’d experienced pain in my knee when walking. I went to the doctor in Oct. 2017 when the pain became unbearable to the point it wakened me from sleep. The X-rays caused the medical team to decide that I needed a partial knee replacement.
I was still hesitant trusting CHM to work as promised, but I was ready for some relief from my pain. I scheduled surgery for the following month.

The ministry staff was patient and helpful when I called to explain what was happening. I knew from reading the CHM Guidelines that my condition was pre-existing, but I also read that members’ donations through the Prayer Page program could help with my financial needs. Sending the medical bills was easy when I used the Member Portal.

My billed costs were over $52,000 and we were able to negotiate discounts of almost $27,000. CHM shared over $25,000; I received checks for five months and my needs were completely met.

I am now fully recovered and recently traveled to Wisconsin to visit my other daughter, Charis, and her family. We made several stops along the way and did a lot of walking, all without pain! I thank God every day for His mercy and guidance in leading me to CHM and also for the skilled medical team who worked on my knee.

I have been reminded that my body is God’s temple and that I need to take care of it. Kim and I are working on losing weight and making better choices about healthy eating.

I was reminded, too, that I have many brothers and sisters in Christ with generous hearts. Some gave money, but the most meaningful gifts were the prayers and words of encouragement and love. What a blessing it was to receive kind notes from fellow Christians all over the country!

Another highlight of the experience was that I received a check from CHM the month before my name was published on the Prayer Page in Heartfelt Magazine. Also, at one point I called CHM and was briefly put on hold. It was very encouraging to hear music like the hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

My heart and spirit were constantly encouraged as I heard from kind members and as I paid off bills to the hospital, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist and pathologist.

It’s such a good feeling to know from experience that my medical needs will be met in times of crisis. I have recommended CHM to others. One person joined and I received a free month of membership. That was another aspect that proved to me that CHM works!

Thank you, CHM, for your wonderful programs. I’m convinced the ministry is successful due to its biblical basis and godly leadership. You have shown this “doubting Thomas” that CHM is legitimate and effective. Thank God for you and how you continue to help many Christians around the world.

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