CHM supports missionary through COVID-19 illness, Scott Wallace, Puyallup, Wash.

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Working as a missionary who raises my own support, I needed a budget-friendly health cost solution. When I learned about CHM, I knew it would be perfect.

Then came the infamous year of 2020. I was doing some work in Ecuador. Three days after returning home, I started to develop a fever and body aches.

Praise God, the fever left after five days or so, but I still felt extremely fatigued and without the energy to do basic things like shaving or taking a shower.

On day 11 of my sickness, I went to the ER because I was struggling to breathe. Fortunately, the x-ray showed my chest was clear and I was able to return home. They also tested me for COVID-19, and it showed positive.

I felt miserable for three weeks. In that time, when I felt the worst, I began to doubt God’s love for me. In my prayers, I asked that He would communicate His love to me in a way I could understand and encourage me. My daughter connected me to a friend of hers, and on a video call, he prayed for me. The first thing he said was that I needed to know God loves me even when I couldn’t feel it and that I needed to surrender to His love.

That evening, I surrendered afresh to His love and that was the turning point for me to begin to feel better. I started to improve, but it took another two to three weeks for full recovery.

In addition to sharing my medical needs for COVID-19, CHM also shared medical bills for my wife, when she was battling cancer.

It’s a blessing to be a part of this community, and to be supported through our medical difficulties even as we support others through their medical difficulties!

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