Chris Lawson, Bradenton, FL

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When my husband and I heard from a friend at my job about Christian Healthcare Ministries, we decided to check it out. I’m so glad we did.

On August 20, 2014, I experienced a seizure. I was rushed to the hospital and underwent an MRI and CT scan. Tests revealed a tennis ball-sized, nonmalignant tumor on my brain.

I was shocked because I had no idea that anything was wrong. Questions came in a rush: How would I be able to continue working? Should I have the surgery doctors were recommending? I didn’t want to, but the tumor’s size could cause future seizures.

I called CHM and everyone was kind and supportive. I worked mostly with Heather Collins in the Member Advocate department. Her wonderful, sweet spirit helped me through the process as she answered all my questions and walked me through the steps.

Submitting my bills to CHM was much easier than I thought. The process was seamless, even with many bills from doctors, hospitals and miscellaneous services.

To date, I’ve received $50,526 in discounts because of CHM’s wonderful staff. CHM members have thus far shared $62,249 in medical bills.

I’m still in “repair mode,” so to speak. My peripheral vision has been affected, but I believe in the healing power of God. I am praising the Lord, too, because it could have been worse. While my heavenly Father and I had some very intense discussions on my impaired vision, I praise Him because I’m still able to see!

Experiencing an illness is where the rubber meets the road. When things are going well, we praise God, thank Him and then go about our way. In trials, however, we truly have to put our trust in the unseen, overcome doubt and embrace His unconditional love.

I give much thanks to CHM members and staff for their help through this process—financially and spiritually. I have recommended CHM to many people and will continue to do so. You’ve become family to me. You really care for us.

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