Christy Taylor, Brookhaven, MS

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Josiah Christopher Taylor was born to Matt and Christy Taylor on December 7, 2013 using CHM’s maternity program. Christy took a few minutes to answer some questions about her experience with CHM. Here’s what she had to say:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What caused you to join CHM?

Christy Taylor: CHM’s maternity program was one of the main reasons Matt and I chose CHM. We chose the Gold program because we wanted to start a family and we knew Gold was the best option for maternity.

CHM: What was it like interacting with CHM staff while submitting medical bills for sharing?

CT: Everyone I spoke with was wonderful and helpful every time we called. Everyone was so personal. We even received a few phone calls and emails from staff who just wanted to check on us and let us know they were praying for us. It meant so much and really communicated that they care.

CHM: Did you experience any complications with your pregnancy?

CT: I had a great pregnancy with no difficult complications, but I did have to have an emergency C-section because Josiah was in breech position. However, God kept us both safe and well.

CHM: What was the cost of your pregnancy?

CT: The doctor visits before the hospital were about $2,500, and because of the c-section, all of our hospital bills totaled nearly $13,000. We qualified for Medicaid at the hospital because Matt changed jobs in November. Medicaid paid $13,000. CHM shared the remaining amount after discounts.

CHM: Would you recommend CHM to others?

CT: Absolutely! CHM was a much more affordable option for us than having insurance through Matt’s employer. It’s also a great feeling to know that the money we send each month is being used to help other people in need. The kindness of the staff and community of believers praying for one another makes it even better.

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