College semester ends with appendicitis, Chase Christiansen, Hondo, TX

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The night I drove to the hospital, I was in excruciating pain and could hardly move. It was May 2017 and my college semester was almost over, but as I sat in the waiting room all I could think about was how badly I needed treatment. However, I knew God was with me. Even as the pain increased, I felt in my heart that He was going to keep me safe.

Finally the doctors confirmed I had appendicitis, and I underwent an appendectomy. I’m happy to report that I’m doing very well and am completely healed.

Submitting bills for my surgery was very simple. Some discounts were easy to negotiate, but some weren’t. My hospital bill totaled nearly $60,000 but was reduced in half.

At first I was worried about how my expenses would be paid, but in working with CHM’s staff I felt reassured that the ministry would help me. What a relief it was when my bills were shared and I paid my healthcare providers.

God taught me a lot through my experience. I learned that when I wait on Him He will provide a solution.

The same was true for my parents when they were looking for healthcare cost provision: they waited on God for an answer. He led them to CHM—a ministry about which they’d heard only good things—and decided to check it out.

I’m so glad they did. I can’t express how grateful I am to receive the money to pay my hospital expenses. It just shows how great our God is and the amazing ways He works in our lives. Now we tell everyone how CHM came through for our family.

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