Dave Boxerman, North Richland, TX

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I’m amazed at God’s mercy regarding a medical scare earlier this year and His provision through the hospital and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

When I experienced severe chest pressure and discomfort on Feb. 27, 2016, I was rushed to the emergency room at our local hospital and doctors quickly diagnosed my symptoms as a heart attack. They sent me to the operating room and discovered two blocked arteries (90 and 70 percent).

The surgeons inserted stents and I was in a recovery room within an hour. Three weeks later, I underwent cardiac ablation surgery to correct some arterial fibrillation. Today, I’m doing much better.

The information on CHM’s website about submitting medical bills was clear, but because this was my first incident, I called the ministry and the staff walked me through the process of submitting bills for sharing. I was surprised to find that uploading the forms online through the Member Portal* was quite easy.

I informed my health care providers that, though a member of a health cost-sharing ministry, I am technically self-pay and asked if they had discounts for self-pay patients. Nearly every bill was discounted, including 40 percent on my largest bills.

CHM sharing takes 90 to 120 days according to the Guidelines. My bills were sizable—over $100,000—and I was a bit nervous until I received a check from CHM that shared every penny. It was so cool!

When I went to the hospital to pay my balance, the hospital’s administrator granted me a 95 percent discount. Shocked, I thought I misheard, but she assured me that my total bills were reduced to five percent. I gladly paid off the hospital and returned the “overshared” funds to CHM so they could be applied to other members’ needs.**

I’m thankful each day for God’s providence and provision. He could have called me home, but He still has a purpose for me here on Earth. I’m back to preaching and grateful for the support I’ve received along the way—including my church family and the CHM staff who prayed with me over the phone. It’s something I deeply appreciate.

Would I recommend CHM? I have, and I do!

*Editor’s note: The Member Portal is available online at chministries.org/members.

**Returning overshared funds to CHM is a membership requirement. For more information, see Guideline K at chministries.org/guidelines.

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