Dave Campbell, Powell, WY

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Our heavenly Father never ceases to amaze me; His patience, wisdom and power are unfathomable. For too many years I failed to appreciate His righteousness. Though I considered myself a believer, I spent most of my life acting fiercely independent, obstinate and self-reliant. I was bigger, stronger, tougher and meaner than anyone around me. I had no need for the Bible or any teachings of man.

Then in 2001 a series of events brought me to my knees and to the brink of suicide.

I knew I was living on the “dark side” and started down a long and tortuous path in search of righteousness. It took 10 years, but I finally found the faith that was buried deep inside me. However, I was still pretty independent, often proud and always pigheaded. In His wisdom, God knew that I needed to be “gentled down a bit,” a term cowboys often use when teaching a young colt how to be ridden.

In the meantime the government decreed that I had to abide by the Affordable Care Act. I looked for alternatives, but in my home state of Wyoming there was only one and it was anything but affordable.

In 2014 a friend in Christ told me about Christian Healthcare Ministries and I quickly signed up.

My gentling down a bit began later that year on a day I was hunting pheasant. Less than 100 yards from my truck my back suddenly tied up so badly that I could barely move. The orthopedic surgeon took a look at my X-rays. In his not-so-subtle way he exclaimed, “Your back looks like it was used as a chew toy by a pit bull!”

After preliminary tests and treatment failed to alleviate my pain, I had a laminectomy procedure on my spinal column, specifically the L4 vertebra. Thankfully the pain was eradicated, but it was considered a pre-existing condition. I learned my name would appear on the Prayer Page in the CHM newsletter so that fellow members could help with my bills.

Brothers and sisters in Christ: oh, boy, have you come through! At this writing I have received $42,983 in donations and have $7,763 remaining.

Though my bills are not yet completely paid, your generosity has helped a great deal in gentling me down a bit. I am profoundly grateful and thankful for you.

However, God wasn’t finished with what He wanted to teach me through my health problems.

Some months after my back surgery, my left hip began a quick and complete deterioration. I could not walk without a cane and the opiate painkillers did virtually nothing to alleviate the pain—to say nothing of their very undesirable side effects.

The big, tough guy who could carry half an elk on his back out of the backcountry, who walked away from an accidental gunshot wound to his belly from a .44 Magnum revolver, who lay completely still while a surgeon installed a pacemaker to his heart without a smidgen of anesthesia—that guy came dangerously close to being confined to a wheelchair.

God, in His amazing grace (a favorite hymn of mine) made it possible for me in 2016 to have my hip replaced. Once again, CHM helped me with the financial obligations by sharing over $77,000. I am now mostly pain-free and off the painkillers; I’m now on the road to regaining my strength and stamina.

Simple words cannot convey the level of appreciation and thanks I have for our great Father and my generous fellow CHM members.

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