Deborah Fondren, Liberty, TX

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In June 2013, I underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix and an abscess on my cecum (considered the beginning of the large intestine). The surgeon removed my appendix and 13 inches of my colon. I was hospitalized in Houston, Texas, for six days.

My symptoms up until the surgery hadn’t indicated the problem.

I had no fever and my white blood count was normal.

When I returned home, I faced recovery—and medical bills poured in. I received bills from the hospital; surgeon; radiology center; anesthesiologists; pathology center; emergency room; and my specialist in gastroenterology.

The illness alone was overwhelming. I can’t imagine going through such an experience without a strong support base such as Christian Healthcare Ministries.

I’m so impressed with this ministry and its integrity and faithfulness. CHM worked with me and guided me step-by-step on submitting needs. The staff negotiated discounts on my behalf, shared my costs and prayed with me. I received $35,772 in discounts and CHM shared $56,031 in medical bills.

My experience with Christian Healthcare Ministries has been pleasant and I tell others every chance I get that this option is available to all believers. In our society, with many concerns about medical care costs, I am relieved to belong to this Christ-based ministry. I’m grateful to be a CHM member. It’s a ministry through which we serve one another in love.

It is noteworthy, I believe, that a prayer request comes in the mail each time I receive monthly Gift Form statements from CHM. It’s refreshing to be part of this ministry and to serve in prayer and finances to meet the needs of others.

The Lord has surely been kind to me, and I’m praising Him!

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