Deborah Griggs, Humboldt, TN

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In May 2012, at age 57, my wonderful Christian husband was killed in a car accident. One of the many decisions I had to make after his death was the critical issue of health care costs. I learned about CHM and joined.

It wasn’t until later that I realized joining CHM at the Gold level wasn’t so much my decision as it was God’s provision.

In December I had major eye problems from a hereditary disease. As my sight worsened, it became harder to see while driving at night. I made many visits to the eye doctor but left with no satisfaction. Finally, I was referred to a corneal specialist who said I needed surgery as soon as possible.

The surgeon seemed skeptical when I told him I was a member of a health cost sharing ministry—Christian Healthcare Ministries—that would take care of me.

In January 2014 I had a corneal transplant and cataract surgery on my right eye. The next day my sight vastly improved; I was overwhelmed with joy and amazement at the beauty of the world I’d been missing.

The surgeon came in with a big smile to my follow-up appointment. “You’re the star of the show today. Your vision is 20/25. You’re doing better than most people who had the same operation.”

To receive a discount on the surgeon’s charges, I had to pay up-front before the surgery. Amanda Moore, my CHM Member Bill Processing representative, helped me get a check expedited to share that bill.* After negotiating discounts, a surgery that would have cost almost $22,000 was reduced to about $15,000.

What a blessing CHM has been in this journey of faith. Over and over I’ve opened my mailbox to find another check to help with doctor visits, prescriptions and other medical bills for this incident.

The staff is helpful every time I call with questions or prayer requests. Amanda Moore, Lori Perko and Deborah Walker have been encouragers by listening, praying with me and passing my prayer requests on to the rest of the CHM staff.

What a wonderful “hug from heaven” I received when I opened my mail to find an encouraging card included with the final check for my remaining bills.

To me, “Christian Healthcare Ministries” means caring and financial help. I’m thanking God and CHM for taking care of me. Joining the ministry was one of the best decisions I have made since the loss of my dear husband. Thank you again.

*Editor’s note: When possible, CHM works with members to share funds early to obtain a large discount or meet a health care provider’s deadline. However, this scenario is not typical.

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