Dennis G. Roucek, Cumming, GA

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When I signed up as a member of the CHM family a few years ago, I never suspected that my decision to step out in faith would have such an inspiring impact on my life.

By God’s grace I had been extremely healthy all of my life. However, I decided to take an early retirement. It was then that God led me to Christian Healthcare Ministries.

I had no immediate needs and, quite frankly, wasn’t too concerned about CHM’s effectiveness. However, all that changed dramatically in fall 2012 when I was diagnosed with severe diverticulitis. After three days in the hospital, I was looking at more than $25,000 in medical bills.

I was very worried about how I would pay the bills. But my fears turned out to be unfounded. CHM was there for me and everything was taken care of even faster than I had expected; praise God!

Yet, there’s more to the story. In fall 2013 I found I had an inguinal hernia. With Medicare only a few short months away, I wanted to postpone taking any action so I could spare CHM members substantial expense. Unfortunately, after two intense attacks, my doctor recommended I receive the proper care without delay.

I contacted my CHM Member Bill Processing representative, Tina Farnsworth, to explain the situation. She advised me to do what was necessary to protect my health and told me the ministry would support my decision. I took the advice of Tina and my doctor and had the injury repaired.

Once again, the medical bills were more than $25,000 before discounts. This time, however, I had complete confidence that Christian Healthcare Ministries would come through for me. And it did! With the assistance of Tina Gentile in the CHM Member Advocate department, all of the bills were paid in full even more quickly than I expected.

Although it’s doubtful that I will ever be able to fully repay the ministry for the funds I received from other believers, I’ll do what I can by remaining a lifelong supporter of CHM!

May the grace of God be with you and with all of my fellow CHM members. We truly are helping each other stay obedient to God’s Word by sharing medical bills. I’m humbled that God considers me worthy of participation in this great ministry.

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