During 30 days in isolation, COVID survivor finds God’s blessings, Valerie Magalhaes, Alamo, California

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After nearly thirty days in isolation because of COVID-19, CHM member Valerie Magalhaes emerged as a coronavirus survivor with a story of God’s faithfulness and the support of fellow members through Christian Healthcare Ministries.

When did you begin experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?
I was nauseous and unable to eat or drink for almost five days. As my sickness progressed, I was admitted to the hospital. I was scared, but so sick—I knew something had to be done.  

Please describe your recovery from COVID-19.
I’m slowly getting back to normal. I had COVID symptoms for nearly three weeks and spent 30 days in isolation. The biggest recovery issues have been the loss of smell and taste, mental fog, and fatigue. I’m working with a nutritionist to establish a healthy diet to repair some of the damage.

It’s both emotionally and physically exhausting at times, but I believe there was a reason I had COVID, and I know I’ll recover. I lean into God now and throughout the whole process—He kept me going. 

*Editor's note: CHM does not share medical expenses for nutritionist services. See chministries.org/guidelines.
Did you receive discounts on your COVID-19 medical bills?
All of my providers gave discounts, totaling nearly $24,000. I received full sharing 45 days from the date I submitted my bills to CHM. This was such a blessing.
When you were going through COVID-19, what did God teach you?   
I am far more interested in my overall health since my illness. Because COVID does not have a follow-up plan for recovery, and the illness is unique to every person, I decided to begin a journey of optimal health. A year ago, I committed to a course to become a nutritional coach but didn’t finish it. I see God’s hand in my decision, and now is the time to complete what I started.  
What were the significant moments of your COVID-19 and CHM experiences?   
The illness caught me by complete surprise. To be honest, when I realized I had COVID, I was a bit angry. Why me? Why did it become so hard and ugly?

I was blessed to have a friend who worked in the hospital where I was admitted. When I saw him, I exclaimed, “God brought you into my life for a reason.” It would have been a far different experience without him.

 Additionally, I’m part of a church group. Once they heard about my situation, they reached out by praying, sending words of encouragement, and offering to help. This brought personal encouragement to me that helped me through this illness. I will be forever grateful to them. 
Would you recommend CHM to other friends and family?
I often find myself so excited to share the ministry that I must remind people that I don't work for CHM. The Bible tells us to be good stewards of everything God gives us, and I believe healthcare is certainly at the top of that list!

My experience with CHM confirms that they share what they say they will share, and my reimbursements were shared ahead of the quoted time frames. Every time I call with questions, I have the most pleasant experience and conversation. I’m truly grateful someone introduced me to CHM!

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