God protects member in winter head-on collision, Heather Geaslen, Barrington, New Hampshire

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Jan. 3, 2019 is a date that will stick with me because it was a strange start to a new year. It was the day I lost control as my tires hit snow and slush. Everything happened in slow motion: losing control, crossing the yellow line, seeing the oncoming car and praying frantically for God’s protection.

Our cars collided. In shock, I unbuckled my seatbelt and rushed to retrieve my 9-year-old son, Caleb, from the car. I struggled to open the door, which wouldn’t move even when applying force. Thankfully, an eyewitness came to my aid and got Caleb out.

It wasn’t until the police officer began asking questions that pain from injuries I’d suffered finally hit, and I collapsed into his arms. The next few hours were a blur as my son and I were taken separately to the hospital. Caleb received a CT scan to inspect his stomach pain. We praise God it was just bruising from his seatbelt.

I had a dislocated and fractured left elbow, a broken collarbone on my left side, three fractured ribs and a fractured sternum. I stayed overnight so doctors could monitor the sternum fracture’s effects on my heart. While most people were awed by the number of breaks, I was surprised I was still alive.

I was grateful to go home the next day, but unfortunately, I experienced vertigo for the next five months. The accident was a scary experience, and I’m glad it’s over. Today I’m doing well; my elbow has full range of motion—something I didn’t expect. Oddly, I knew the person we hit, but the grace and forgiveness she and her family extended me allowed me to forgive myself, though I know it was out of my control.

The CHM staff was very helpful at explaining how to submit medical bills for sharing. Whenever we received a bill, we called and negotiated discounts. In most cases, this was easy. Some bills required additional follow-up phone calls to secure discounts; providers sent updated bills reflecting the change. After payments from my auto insurance, CHM members shared $28,000 after $7,000 in discounts.

We’re thrilled that we don’t have to worry if a provider fits within a specific network. As CHM members, we love the flexibility to choose our own healthcare providers.

We refer friends all the time. Initially, I was nervous about CHM, but the ministry has shared two baby deliveries, multiple emergency room visits, and now this. That totals more than $70,000 that CHM members have shared on our family’s behalf. CHM is faithful, and we’re incredibly grateful for that.

Mother and son survive winter crash

Hear Heather tell her story and recount her “But God” moment. God cared for her and her family, from the first snowflake to her son’s safety and her healing.

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