“God provided for us through CHM”, Shelby Colvin, South Pittsburg, Tennessee

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Even before COVID-19 and the social unrest, the year 2020 started out by testing our family’s faith. We went to what we thought would be our gender-reveal ultrasound for our third child. Instead, we found out that our baby had fluid in her stomach cavity.

A week later, we found ourselves at an appointment with a doctor who deals with high-risk cases. He didn’t expect our daughter to survive the next two weeks.

During those weeks, my husband and I cried, grieved and prayed for our little girl. To the surprise of our doctor, she survived the two weeks and was still moving around with a strong heartbeat. The doctor informed us that our baby had a form of skeletal dysplasia that would make it impossible for her to survive outside the womb. He suggested we terminate the pregnancy immediately.  

We were shocked by his suggestion. We refused to end the life of our child. Whether she would survive was not our decision to make—it was God’s. We knew that even if she did not survive outside the womb, God brought her to us for a purpose.

Our sweet Anna Pearl was born on June 1 at 1:02 p.m. She passed on to Jesus at 6:30 p.m. We might not have been able to keep her long, but her 40 weeks in the womb and five hours in our arms are a precious gift from God.

Though this pregnancy was full of earthly worries, bills were not one of them. God provided for us through CHM. Thank you, CHM members, for following God in your ministry and in your giving.

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