Hanna Jackson, High Ridge, MO

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When my husband, Brody, left a job that offered health insurance, my brother-in-law told us about Christian Healthcare Ministries.

I was very skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. However, once I learned how CHM worked, I fell in love with the idea that our monthly financial gift would help pay other Christians’ medical bills.

Brody and I became the parents of Finley Spring Jackson when I gave birth on October 22, 2013, but our CHM story really began in June 2012 when we first learned I was pregnant.

When the pregnancy test stick showed a positive result, I could barely contain myself. “Is it a boy or girl?” “Who will the baby look like?” I went into planning mode and we scheduled our first prenatal appointment. When that hot July day arrived, we strolled into the office, beaming. We couldn’t wait for the ultrasound.

Our doctor asked me to lie back as she moved the device around on my stomach. “Hmm,” she said. “I thought your levels were high. You have identical twins.” Our mouths nearly hit the floor and we rushed home to tell family the good news.

We returned a few weeks later to hear the heartbeats, but the news was devastating. “There are no heartbeats. One of your babies has not developed and has passed away. I’m not convinced the second will develop either. I believe you’re going to miscarry.” A few weeks later, there was still no heartbeat. It was a heartbreaking time for our family.

We called CHM. “We’ll take care of things financially, just take good care of yourself,” a kind staff member told me.vMy husband and I put it in God’s hands. Each month we tested, but nothing changed. On Valentine’s Day 2013, Brody was traveling for some business meetings. I felt strange while working out and decided to take a test just in case. Those few minutes felt like a lifetime.

Positive! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wrapped up the test. When Brody got home, I gave him his Valentine’s Day present and watched his eyes filled with tears. At our 10-week appointment, a beautiful heartbeat covered the screen.

As my pregnancy progressed, I noticed some mole growth on my body. I was told the growth was normal, but one mole in particular looked different and was growing rapidly. The doctor took a sample. The following Sunday, I received a call during my baby shower. “Hanna, you have melanoma.”

It’s hard to pinpoint what went through my mind on hearing this news. The doctor had already called a cancer specialist and my OBGYN. That night, Brody and I just held each other and cried. “We’ll get through this,” he reassured me. “We’ll do whatever we need to do.”

My next biopsy showed active cell growth, which meant the cancer could be spreading to my lymph nodes. I was 36 weeks pregnant. The doctors said I would need surgery after giving birth. Thankfully, they allowed me to go full term and labor was induced at 40 weeks gestation.

After 15 hours of labor, my baby flipped and I needed to have a C-section. I held my hands to my heart in a prayer position and asked God to watch over my baby and me. Ten minutes later, I heard the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard: my baby girl crying for the first time.

After three weeks it was time for surgery. We waited two weeks for the results. I finally heard the words I’d scarcely hoped to hear: “You’re cancer-free.”

Our ordeal was like climbing a huge mountain and I’m so grateful for CHM. I’ve never met my Needs Processing representative, Yvonne Woolridge, but I felt her support throughout the entire process. I thank God all the time for finding a family in CHM.

When the CHM staff printed our prayer request so other members could see it, we received hundreds of cards that were full of wisdom and strength-building encouragement. What an amazing ministry!

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