Healed of stage four cancer, Lisa Seegert, Parma, Ohio

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God had been nudging me to join CHM for some time, but it wasn’t until Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course exhorted me to “get something in place ASAP!” that I actually joined.

God’s timing is perfect! Not too long after I joined, I started experiencing some strange symptoms. My abdominal area was swelling, and I struggled to get up and down from the couch. I began to lose my appetite and couldn’t take a deep breath. I knew I needed to see my midwife quickly. I called Friday and had an appointment that Monday.

My midwife found some concerning firmness and sent me to get an ultrasound. Just a week after seeing her, I landed in the ER. By this time, I was feeling very, very bad.

An emergency CT scan revealed that I had stage four Mullerian Carcinoma (in the ovarian cancer family). It had spread through my abdominal area all the way up to my lungs. I had nearly three liters of fluid drained from the area and that didn’t include the fluid in my lungs. I was in very bad shape!

I had eight rounds of chemotherapy and a complete hysterectomy. Praise be to God, my lungs cleared with chemotherapy only. The recovery after surgery was difficult and long, but God has continued to heal me day by day.

CHM was absolutely gracious from the first call I made to the most recent call. As medical bills began to arrive, the representatives at CHM walked me through each step I needed to take, filling out forms, submitting bills and approvals to deal directly with the healthcare providers. I was overwhelmed with the cancer diagnosis, but CHM stepped right in and helped me.

By far, though, the biggest highlight was the number of cards and letters I received from other members, encouraging me with Scripture and their prayers. Some days I was receiving more than a dozen cards in the mail. I felt so cared for!

The Lord brought me to CHM and to my midwife at just the right time. As I fought the battle of my cancer, His people stood beside me to carry the burden of my medical bills. Thank you!

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