Heidi Layman, Stuart, FL

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My husband, David, and I declined the healthcare program offered by his employer because we believed there was a better way to protect our family from medical costs. We placed our faith in God when we joined CHM in 2014.

One year later our teenage daughter, Jorja, was sent to the emergency room for dizziness and a concussion after landing on her head during a cheerleading stunt.

Our faith in God’s provision was suddenly being tested. Would CHM really share medical bills? Was the bill submission process difficult? How long would it take for us to pay our bills?

After some deliberation, we walked into the emergency room and timidly explained CHM to the front desk staff, but they didn’t bat an eye. Right away Jorja received the care she needed to get better.

A few days after her discharge, the hospital’s financial assistance office called and explained that our self-pay status permitted a 70 percent discount on her bills. David and I were amazed at the news and relieved to learn of the significant reduction.

Immediately I felt obligated to save CHM members as much money as possible and asked for additional discounts on the radiologist and physician bills. Next, we set up a small monthly payment plan with each healthcare provider, completed the Needs Processing forms and submitted them online through the Member Portal.*

Fellow CHM members shared the remainder of our medical bills—a fact for which we’re extremely grateful. Without CHM we would have paid thousands of dollars. Thank you for sharing our medical expenses and for being a wonderful example of the love of God!

*Editor’s note: The Needs Processing Forms are available at chministries.org/needsforms and also on the CHM Member Portal at chministries.org/members.

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