How CHM is helping to rescue enslaved children, Destiny Rescue, North Webster, IN

CHM’s health care cost solution for hundreds of Christian ministries is helping one of them accomplish their God-given mission of rescuing children.

“The administrative burden of finding solid health care is complex,” said Kirk Falconer, CEO of Destiny Rescue USA, a ministry that rescues children from sex trafficking.

“Originally, we considered hiring someone to organize and maintain the health care plan for our staff. But since we now are members of Christian Healthcare Ministries, we don’t need anyone to manage our plan.

“Our employees appreciate the CHM program and it doesn’t exhaust our budget. We can focus on our calling: rescuing children.”

Peter Everett, who transitioned from Destiny Rescue USA’s COO into Dominican Republic country director, experienced CHM sharing his expenses when he underwent knee surgery in 2013. CHM members shared more than $10,000 after more than $20,000 in discounts.

“The sharing process was painless,” Peter said. “We worked with just one CHM staff member. It was refreshing to not be ‘tossed around.’ When my health care provider required a down payment prior to surgery, CHM staff worked with the hospital and I had the surgery as scheduled.”

According to the ministry’s website, Destiny Rescue’s objectives are to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved; restore the abused; protect the vulnerable; empower the poor, and be a voice for the voiceless. Destiny Rescue works in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, the Philippines, and several other countries.

Barbara, Peter’s wife and former Destiny Rescue CEO, explained how they became involved in the ministry: “When Peter and I saw first-hand how Destiny Rescue frees and restores trafficked children, God asked us, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ For us, that meant moving from Australia to the United States to become a voice for children who couldn’t speak for themselves. Now we’re moving to the Dominican Republic to take on a more active role.”

Kirk’s heart, too, broke in a way he never expected when his family passed an exhibit with many rescued girls’ photos. “Early one morning, after months of learning how these vulnerable kids are abused and praying through Jeremiah 1, God whispered, ‘You can’t live with this anymore,’ and I agreed.”

On his first trip to Thailand and Myanmar, he visited a rescue home housing 18 girls. In broken English, one girl stood and said, “I’m Amai Pai. I’m 11 years old.” Kirk was struck by how Amai was the same size as his eight-year-old daughter. “She was abused in ways children shouldn’t know exist,” he said. “I agreed with God once more: I couldn’t live with this.”

“When grown men weep because they’re broken with compassion for the suffering, you know that’s the power of the cross,” Barbara added. “There’s nothing like it.”

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