John & Mandy Petty, Conway, AR

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When I left my full-time job, both my husband and I became self-employed. The maternity program is the main reason we joined CHM. I researched several different health cost sharing programs before signing up. We joined at the Silver level until we decided to start a family, then I upgraded to the Gold program.*

After learning I had become pregnant, but before making a doctor’s appointment, I called CHM to talk through the steps I’d need to take. The lady I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. After talking with her, I called my clinic and made my first appointment.

My obstetrician is a Christian and was curious to see how the ministry worked. She even extended my billing for visits until the full amount was sent to me from CHM. The clinic had never worked with a health cost sharing ministry, so there was a bit of confusion as we got all the paperwork together. Monica Rohr of CHM was helpful in answering all my questions and assisting me with my bills. I spoke with several ministry staff members and each one was friendly and encouraging.

In the initial stages [of pregnancy] I didn’t show any risk for gestational diabetes, so the doctor and I were surprised when test results showed very high blood sugar levels. They were so high that I was immediately put on insulin to regulate my blood sugar.

Through medication and careful diet and exercise, I got my blood sugar under control quickly. My baby was carefully monitored throughout the remainder of my pregnancy; every test showed that she was healthy despite the diabetes.

In gestational diabetes situations, doctors almost always insist on inducing labor early. My obstetrician spent time in prayer with me for my baby. Since I didn’t show signs of having placental failure, she allowed me the option of carrying baby Ellie to a full 40 weeks. I still had to be given medication and be induced. However, since the doctor allowed me to wait longer than usual, my body had time to prepare for labor and I had a very quick and easy delivery.

Total expenses for my prenatal care, medication, labor and delivery were $10,501. After $2,940 in discounts, CHM shared the remaining $7,561 pregnancy expenses.

I’ve already referred several friends to Christian Healthcare Ministries. Throughout my pregnancy it was encouraging to know that my needs were being met financially and that I was taking part in Christ’s command that His disciples love and share with one another. CHM shared more of our pregnancy expenses than most health insurance policies would have paid. Plus, my doctor’s office gave us a discount that met our CHM personal responsibility amount. Our expenses were paid in full!

At first, I was nervous about learning how to submit bills for sharing, but I was impressed with how everything came together. Though skeptical at first, I’m now a CHM believer!

*Editor’s note: We highly recommend the Gold program for women who may become pregnant. A Silver or Bronze-level member who upgrades to the Gold program must do so at least 300 days before the baby’s due date for the maternity bills to be shared at the Gold level; if she has been a Gold member for less than 300 days, the bills will be shared at the lower level. See the first article on page 1 for more information about switching programs.

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