John & Molly Berglund, Atlanta, GA

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Christian Healthcare Ministries: What did you name your daughter and when was she born?

Molly Berglund: Evelyn Berglund was born February 18, 2013.

CHM: What influenced your decision to join CHM?

MB: My husband and I moved to Uganda in April 2011 to serve God overseas. We previously had health insurance through my husband’s job. We spent a lot of time looking for a different insurance policy that covered maternity. Few companies offered maternity and the ones that did were unaffordable. We were very excited to learn about CHM’s generous maternity program. We signed up right away.

CHM: What was your experience with CHM staff members?

MB: Every time I called CHM, someone answered on the first or second ring. They answered all my questions or quickly directed me to the right person (which I appreciated because I was calling from Uganda!). The few times that I had to leave a message, I received a call back the same day.

CHM: Did you have any complications with your pregnancy?

MB: My pregnancy and delivery were very smooth. We moved back to the United States one month before Evelyn was born, but living out of the country during most of my pregnancy did make things tricky. As a result, I interacted with six different midwives (four of them in Uganda). Receipts from Uganda weren’t like the itemized bills I received in the U.S. After several conversations with staff members, CHM worked with me to reimburse the total eligible amount. I received reimbursement from CHM about six weeks after submitting our bills.

CHM: What are some of the things you like about CHM?

MB: CHM is affordable and simple. The ministry staff encourages members to be informed and take every opportunity to ask about costs, ask for bill discounts, choose the best treatment and make payment arrangements when necessary.

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