Judy DeHaan, Bozeman, MT

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Darrel and I joined CHM in late 2014. We had heard of health cost sharing ministries but knew little about them. For most of our adult lives, we’d had no health insurance and paid out-of-pocket for the births of our six children: Jason, Barry, Travis, Amanda, Troy and Kendall.

Through the childrearing years there were many doctor visits and some sports injuries, but thankfully we had only one major medical incident: At four years old, Jason had emergency surgery and spent 10 days in the hospital. Even then, our church family stepped in and helped us pay the bills.

In the years 2007 to 2017—which we affectionately call “the decade of weddings”—all of our children had grown up and were getting married. They began thinking about provision for their healthcare costs. Their search and also the fact that Darrel and I were self-employed in the construction industry were the driving factors in us seeking a health cost solution.

Keeping busy with our job and large family began to take its toll on my body. As I entered my 50s I was spending more and more time getting chiropractic adjustments due to hip, back and knee discomfort.

In 2015 I had a knee X-ray that revealed arthritis and a lack of cartilage. My gait was compromised and I walked with a limp, which caused plantar fasciitis (heel inflammation). Soon a bursa (fluid-filled sac) had formed on the back of my right knee which aggravated the condition and caused constant and increasing pain.

Not one to complain, I soldiered on—until I could no longer take the interrupted sleep, tears of frustration and times of asking God “Why me? Why now?”

It had become clear that surgery was the next step in my treatment plan. I learned that, because I had experienced signs and symptoms before joining CHM, my arthritis was a pre-existing condition. Because we were in our second year of ministry membership, we were eligible to receive $25,000 in assistance from the Gold level schedule for pre-existing conditions and any remaining amount would appear in the monthly newsletter’s Prayer Page.

CHM helped me with the negotiations when the orthopedic surgeon wanted funds before scheduling the surgery. We were very happy with the service the ministry staff provided and the prompt turnaround time.

I underwent surgery on April 18, 2016, spending three nights in the hospital and suffering no complications. My daughter, Amanda, and her family had recently moved back to Montana from California and were living in our guest house. She was my caregiver in the weeks following surgery and helped me perform the physical therapy exercises that restored my mobility.

Though I was frustrated that the hospital wouldn’t extend a discount, I received discounts ranging from 20 to 40 percent on almost all of my other my medical bills. Many of my healthcare providers had heard of CHM and were familiar with how the ministry works.

Today all of my bills have been paid in full, with CHM sharing $25,000 through the Gold schedule and just under $17,700 through the Prayer Page, for a total of nearly $43,000.

We were touched every time we received a Prayer Page check because we knew that many of those who donated had chosen our name from the many listed in the newsletter. It was inspiring to receive donations from members in 28 states, including several from Montana and a few families that we know. We also received many encouraging cards and even a small lap quilt from members. We were blessed by such loving gestures!

Darrel is now facing a prostate cancer diagnosis, but we are optimistic and putting our trust in our great God to provide. We’ve seen His care through our pain and struggles and have developed patience and a greater understanding of how all things ultimately occur according to God’s plan. We know the challenges of this life are nothing in comparison to the great riches He has in store for us in heaven. Praise be to God for His infinite mercy!

It’s a rich blessing to see all six of our children following the Lord and that they’ve all joined CHM, too. Of our 14 grandchildren—two yet to be born in January and May 2018—the six youngest have been under CHM’s excellent maternity program. We love the ministry and feel strongly about its mission and God’s call for His people to care for each other. We continue to promote CHM and trust that God will continue to bless it in the years to come.

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