Kathy Doornbos, Hudsonville, MI

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My husband, Tom, and I heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries from a good friend. Tom was about to retire from his job with a lawn and garden wholesale supplier and we were looking for a budget-friendly method of handling health costs. We were thrilled to find this large group of believers who live out the biblical principles of bearing one another’s burdens.

We love the Lord Jesus and believe that sharing with other Christians is the way God desires us to live. We joined CHM in May 2011.

My life before lung resection surgery in November 2014 was filled with chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. I used inhalers to breathe and was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Additionally, I had a problem area in my right lung that regularly appeared over the years on CT scans, but doctors always assumed it was pneumonia. Yet every scan, especially in the last three years, showed that the area was slowly increasing in size. Meanwhile, my bouts with pneumonia became more frequent.

After seeing a lung specialist (who informed us I did not have COPD), I was advised to see a surgeon to have the area of concern removed.

After a successful surgery, we were surprised to hear the condition that had plagued me for so long was an active infection that for some reason was growing on my lung’s scar tissue.

We were incredibly grateful to God to hear that I didn’t have cancer and to know the infection was now gone. He gave us such peace while going through this experience and His grace surrounded us. The words from Lamentations 3:22-24, Romans 8:35-39 and Isaiah 41:10 were a great source of strength to us. We were reminded in a powerful way that nothing can separate the children of God from His love in Christ Jesus!

Since my surgery, I have not had a cold, bronchitis, or bout with pneumonia. It’s a miracle and we are so very thankful.

The CHM staff, especially Yvonne Woolridge, our Member Bill Processing representative, was kind and helpful. She answered our questions and gave direction and encouragement when we submitted our medical bills. Her guidance made our experience easy.

After discounts, CHM members shared more than $20,000.

We often recommend CHM to others because of our positive experience and because it follows a biblical model for which we see a great need in our world today.

We would like to thank each ministry staff member for their daily service to the Body of Christ and our CHM extended family for their continued support and prayers, which make a ministry like this possible. God bless and keep you all!

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