Katie DeHaan, Manhattan, MT

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My husband, Travis, and I joined CHM in Jan. 2015 because of its great maternity program, biblical basis and affordability.

We have three daughters: Ella, Adelynn and Everly. Everly was born Oct. 28, 2015 under CHM’s maternity program.

When I learned I was pregnant with Everly, I re-read the CHM Guidelines and then called to ask some questions. Every staff member I spoke with was helpful and kind.

For medical reasons I required C-sections with all three children. The relatively higher cost of a C-section caused me a little concern while pregnant with Everly; would CHM come through for me?

Though it required a little effort to complete paperwork, discuss discounts and set up payment plans with my doctor and hospital, the end result was worth it: CHM shared 100 percent of my maternity bills, the ministry staff was easy to work with and meanwhile we were pleased by the thought that our monthly financial gifts were helping other Christians in need.

I’d like to share a tip with expectant mothers: Be sure to send your bills to CHM as soon as possible even if you’re waiting to hear back from your healthcare providers regarding discounts or financial assistance. The lesson we learned was that the longer it takes to submit these items to CHM, the later the sharing time because the sharing “clock” doesn’t start until CHM has them.

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