Lee & Jerin Yoder, Brownsville, OR

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Christian Healthcare Ministries: What did you name your son and when was he born?

Jerin Yoder: Jaidon Lee Yoder was born March 18, 2012.

CHM: What influenced your decision to join CHM?

JY: We’re a young couple and we wanted to start a family. Needing support for health care costs, we looked for something affordable that included a maternity program. CHM had both of these characteristics. We immediately signed up at the Gold level.

CHM: What was your experience with CHM staff members?

JY: I called the CHM office right away. The staff members were very helpful and walked me through every step.

CHM: What was the cost of your pregnancy? How much of your maternity costs did CHM share?

JY: My pregnancy cost approximately $7,000 and CHM met all of these expenses—in a very timely manner! Our experience was great. The ministry took a big burden off our shoulders. We knew our bills would be taken care of, including ultrasounds and unexpected expenses. In fact, we’d like to say thank you to CHM members and to the staff for all they do. It’s such a blessing to be part of a ministry like CHM. Thank you!

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