Lifted up from a ladder fall, Carlos Ulloa, Los Angeles, California

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I’ve worked using ladders most of my adult life, but I really don’t know why I fell. I’m still grappling with how using a ladder could turn into a life-threatening experience.

I was standing on the top step of an eight-foot ladder, assessing an attic. Maybe I hit my head or touched some exposed wiring—I don’t remember. What I remember is falling backward out of the attic hatchway, not believing it was happening. On the way down, I hit my head on the edge of a shelf before landing on the concrete floor.

I was unconscious for about 15 minutes. That whole time, my ruptured eardrum bled out of my ear and into my throat. The blood was coagulating in my throat and nose. When my eyes finally opened, my daughter was my first thought.

Without remembering how, I managed to call 911, and then crawled through two locked doors, through an exterior chain-link gate, and into the adjacent alley.

I was admitted to one of Los Angeles’ most-respected hospitals, yet it was evident that their billing system was complicated and sometimes inaccurate. I had to double-check that I was not over-charged for the services I’d received. As always, CHM was very helpful throughout the whole situation.

The CHM staff was very responsive and helped me submit my medical bills. Whenever I called or emailed CHM, I felt supported. Due to the generosity of fellow members, 100 percent of my eligible medical bills were shared.
Through all of this, I’ve learned one of the advantages of CHM: I can be treated by any healthcare provider—and be assured that my eligible medical bills will be considered for sharing.

Through this medical difficulty, and with the help of my fellow CHM members, God has taught me patience and faith. For that, I’m grateful.

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