Linda Forman, Meadville, MS

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For 29 years of married life, the Lord blessed us with good health and we are very grateful. But because of the U.S. health care law, we had to look at our options.

Christian Healthcare Ministries’ biblical emphasis caught our attention. A program that enables Christians to help each other with their medical bills is a fulfillment of our duties as brothers and sisters in Christ. CHM was the best option for us.

The ministry was an answer to prayer, and we called ahead of time to ask how to handle medical bills in case something should happen. CHM staff members were personable and eager to help. They answered all our questions.

Little did we know, our first medical incident wouldn’t be long in coming.

One evening, I experienced pain in my chest and upper left arm. The left side of my neck was tight and I couldn’t breathe easily. Eventually the pain diminished and I fell asleep.

The next morning, my chest felt numb and I again had trouble breathing. It hurt to take a deep breath. Jonathan took me to the emergency room and doctors hooked me up to a heart monitor. I underwent a number of tests and was sent home with a heart monitor and a referral to a cardiologist in Baton Rouge.

The cardiologist had me take a stress test. I failed it and took a nuclear stress test next. I failed that one, too, so the doctor scheduled a heart catheterization to check for blockages.

The Lord graciously calmed my fears during this time. I knew He was in control and I have always trusted Him. He’s the Great Physician.

Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, there were no blockages. I really believe it’s because of prayer and God’s healing that I am pain-free today.

In the meantime, my hospital and doctors’ bills totaled $40,000 before discounts. Jonathan sent all the paperwork to CHM.

We then spoke to my health care providers about discounts. I simply asked them to give me self-pay discounts. I also showed them my CHM card, explained how the ministry works and applied for financial assistance.

After discounts, our total was reduced to about $8,000. That’s amazing! I received a check from CHM for the remaining amount, and we paid the providers. I was again in awe of the Lord and His goodness.

I can’t say enough how much CHM means to me and my family. It’s a blessing to be a part of a ministry that enables Christians to share each other’s burdens. May God continue to use CHM in a way that always gives Him the glory.

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters in Christ who sent cards and words of encouragement, as well as those who lifted me up in prayer. Receiving cards from all over the nation touched my heart during my time of need. Thank you, Lord, for such a biblically-based organization that stands behind the Word of God when it comes to sharing one another’s burdens.

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