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My husband, Jonathan, is self-employed and for years we went without any healthcare cost provision. When in 2013 we heard about CHM, we thought it too good to be true. Originally we signed up for the Bronze program, but eventually I realized the Gold level was best.

We wanted to have another child.

In late 2014 we were thrilled to learn we were expecting our fourth child, Siloam. Though our third child, Nathan, was born premature and spent 14 days in the NICU, I didn’t expect complications this time. Nathan had been fine after his release from the hospital.

At my 20-week ultrasound for Siloam, the technician noticed that it appeared our baby’s stomach was missing. A few weeks later a second ultrasound confirmed that she had rare condition called esophageal atresia.

At four weeks gestation her esophagus had never formed and therefore couldn’t connect to her stomach.

Greatly distressed and anxious, I called CHM for advice. A kind staff member said not to worry about the high cost of treatment; the ministry would share my maternity bills and help us find a government program to assist with the expensive treatment Siloam would need during and after her birth.*

I was comforted by her sweet spirit and that she said ministry staff and members would be praying for our family.

On July 18, 2015, Siloam was born eight weeks early via an emergency C-section after a full placental abruption (a serious pregnancy complication). To add to our heartbreak, we learned that she had Down Syndrome and heart complications as well.

Siloam lived at the hospital 365 days, during which time she had seven major surgeries and numerous complications. A surgery at eight months old confirmed a five-centimeter gap from the bottom of her throat to the top of her stomach.

During that time, CHM members sent us about 100 Scripture-filled cards and letters of encouragement. I was amazed to think that complete strangers would take time to write to us. However, we are not strangers in the Lord.

Finally, on her first birthday, we were able to take Siloam home with us. Her medical bills, which totaled in the millions, were paid by our state’s Medicaid and Social Security programs. (My maternity bills had been shared by CHM.) The weight of the financial strain was lifted and we looked forward to the future.

We lived nearly six months with our daughter before she left this world on Dec. 27, 2016 at just under 18 months old. She passed away due to severe brain damage and other complications.

We miss Siloam and will always love her, but we know she no longer suffers and is now in a better place with our Lord.

I still believe that God is good and am so thankful to CHM members for their help and encouragement. We’re very thankful to be a part of the CHM community of believers who demonstrate the love of Christ by meeting healthcare costs like ours.

*Editor’s note: Christian Healthcare Ministries is secondary to any other payment sources. For more information, see Guideline N.2 at

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